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What I do


Most of my time I'm on a game called Minecraft on the tanelorn.jestservers.com ( Not a website, it's to be entered in multiplayer mode )

The other part of my time I'm on Armor Games. Chatting with people, and playing games. Comment, and maybe we can start a conversation!




Wood Serf: 10 AP

Iron Serf: 25 AP

Gold Serf: 100 AP
Checkpoint1: 200 AP

Wood Squire: 225 AP
Checkpoint2: 300 AP

Iron Squire: 400 AP*
Checkpount3: 500 AP

Gold Squire: 625 AP
Checpoint4: 1000 AP

Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Checkpoint5: 1500 AP

Iron Knight: 1750 AP
Checkpoint6: 2000 AP

Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Checkpoint7: 2500 AP

Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP

Iron Lord/Lady: 3500 AP

Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP

Wood Duke/Duchess:4500 AP
Checkpoint8: 10,000 AP

Iron Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP

Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP

Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP

Iron Prince/Princess: 8500 AP

Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP

Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP

Iron King/Queen: 14500 AP
Checkpoint9: 15,000 AP

Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP
Checkpoint10: 20,000 AP

*Where I am

How to earn AP:

Rate a game: 2
Comment: 2
Forum Post: 1
Submit Game: 20
Merit: 25

[I keep this on a word document to the left, when I’m playing Armor Games]



I started keeping track of these on 12/31/2010

Wood Squire

Top 20,000! Noticed: Mon Jan 10, 2011

Top 15,000! Noticed: Tues. Jan 11, 2011

Top 10,000! Noticed: Fri Jan 21, 2011

Official open beta user on: Thursday Jan 13. Sign up for open beta here: [url] beta.armorgames.com [/url] [New codes are released every two weeks on Tuesday, Next code is coming Tuesday January 25 ]

Iron squire on Friday Jan 21, 2011


To the newer armor games player


Usually if you're internet smart, you're worried about posting on people's profiles and forums, thinking that someone might think of you as a "newb" [revised version: noob. newb is short for newbie, which is a person that is new to the game/website, where noob is usually taken more offensive]. I thought this too. Don't think this. There are some really nice people on armorgames. Don't expect a response from the top few gamers, but just go around searching in forums and comments for people that might be nice. [ TBH: just so you don't seem too noobish, try to get around the iron or gold serf before you go up to the more popular people]

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