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http://xat.com/G33KSOfExitPath < To Join The G33K's
Sure Angels Can Fly,And Ghosts Can Phase Through Walls. But Geeks.. We Can Hack To The End - G33KOfArmorGames
Testers - G33KOfArmorGames(If Available)
The G33KS
1.G33KOfArmorGames (Owner)
Rules For Being A G33K
1.Be Level 41
2.Have The Words "G33KOf Infont Of Your Name
3.Have wins higher than 50% of matches
4.Please have Dark Green On Your Avatar
5.Prove Your Worthy By Beating A G33K 5 Times Out Of 15
6.http://xat.com/G33KSOfExitPath To Get Approved
7.Come Back In 2 Weeks If Failed The Testing

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