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Everyday game player. Out of all games on AG, my favourite, as shown in the 'Likes' section, is The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I am a daily player of this game, and loving it every moment I log into my profile. I also like playing games on the Xbox 360 / One a lot of the time. My gamer tag is on my profile, so feel free to friend me. Got a question about some of my faved games? I check back here everyday, so if you want to post a message here, I will be able to reply on my profile comments soon after you post your comments. My alternate Armor Games account is Colon_P:


Console games, AG quests, The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Online trolls, Games with a bad ending, Boredom of current games

----------------The Last Stand: Dead Zone Details--------------

Name: Ben Hunter
Level: 50
Alliance: None
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