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Hi, we are a club that plays a variety of games every week for enjoyment only .

Me and my co leaders will pick 1 game that is nominated by you and vote to be played by you every week that will last for about 7 days to 2 weeks. Each member will play,and the member who has the highest score by the end date wins. You can post your score multiple times. But this club is just made for fun,not competition.

If you want to chat with me go ahead to my main account Darkroot. I'm usually very lonely :s
Creator- Eddie13
Leader- Darkroot
Members 0/20

*Upadate* if you see -active?- next to your name just tell me that your are active and enter a score in the lastest game or if I see that you suddenly active I will remove it. If you are active for a long time I will ask you why and if you don't want to be in gamecompeters anymore I will remove you. (I don't want a bunch of people who arn't active to be in the club. Because it just makes it harder for other people to join when the club is full.)


This weeks game Hedgehog Launch 2! Hedgehog Launch 2.

End date is August 2010 Thursday 26th !


Smiley Collapse winner
1st: Samdawghomie-110,140
Smiley score

Redstar Fall winner
1st: sourwhatup2-7832-
Last second winner!

Stackle winner!
1st: Sebi-217-

I have restarted the club and our new start up game while I get things running is Hedgehog Launch

Next games nominations

Tell me your nominations and I will put them up here.


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