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I live in Bangladesh because my parents are from Bangladesh. I was born and raised in New York, USA for 11 years (I hate explaining that all the time to classmates, its annoying), so I have English as good as any American. So...I'm 15 (b-day is 9th Feb) and I like strategic games (such as TDs), zombies, management games and then any game that is generally entertaining. I'm so addicted to Armor Games that I come here ALL THE TIME! Anyone else that's addicted to Armor Games out there? If so, comment here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forum Games I play: One Word Story! by hardas12 The Living Dead(Zombie RPG) by ajgelaga Marinecorps Kingdom Battles by Marinecorps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forums threads that I host: The "Decision" Discussion Dead Frontier Kingdom Rush v Incursion Return of the Spam Bots ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Search Stuff on Armor Games! (This was created by MrStuff.)

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