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I am 16 years old. I live in Manchester, England. I have been gaming since i got my first console, the PS1. I have not stopped since. I now own a 360 and i love everything about it. I normally go on Xbox Live on the weekends. Add me if you want. I have about 8500 gamerscore which i am very proud of seen as though i have played on 16 games so that is more than half. I will be over the moon when i reach 10,000 as i see it as a benchmark for all good gamers.

My Favourite Games Are :

Fable, i didn't buy this game untill the lost chapters and i'm glad i didn't miss out. Can't wait for Fable 2 it looks awesome.
Oblivion, This was the first game i had for the 360 and i still play on it to this day.
Mass Effect, absolutely brilliant.
K.O.T.O.R, By the same people behind mass effect and will buy K.O.T.O.R 3 as soon as it comes out. If it comes out.
Dead Rising, Love zombie films and games so as soon as this game came out i snatched it up. Superb game, need to make Dead Rising 2.

Games I am Looking Forward To:

I am looking forward to Fable 2 and Star Wars: Force Unleased, Both look superb. Also the New LOTR game and Valve's new zombie shooter Left 4 Dead looks pretty awesome.

Games I Have At The Moment:
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Assassins Creed
Orange Box
Forza 2
Mass Effect
Halo 3
Call Of Duty.

Favourite Films:
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Shaun Of The Dead
Resident Evil
Star Wars (all 6 are awsome)
South Park Movie
Chronicles Of Riddick

Don't know why i have told you all this you probably didn't need to know but I am random like that.

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