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Hey guys! My real name is Gavin, I am hoping to get a name change soon to make it something more mature such as Gavster01 or something that doesnt have my whole name in it. I am done with Last Stand - Dead Zone and I have moved on to other games such as Card Monsters. I am also participating in the community now, focusing on helping people and having more fun! Thats all I need to cover about myself for now, this will probably be updated weekly!

Here is some things about my life outside of AG : I have started the seventh grade around august last year and I have turned into an athlete. I am rarely on because I have no time from sports to homework to studies. I joined cross country and made the advanced team in my school and can run a mile in 7 minutes. Once cross country was over, I joined Wrestling. OI tried to stay under 100 lbs. But that included starving myself, so I gave up and bumped up to 105 lbs, I feel much more comfortable here knowing that I have not lost a match yet in the 105 class. I signed up for track and was the first name on the list and was suggested to join by 3 others. I love to screw around with computers, so I joined a Tech. Ed. class! I currently have an A+ in that class and I am an honor roll student. I have improved a lot in maturity and responsibility from last year, when I had D's and F's. Now, I am very popular, get my work done, and get to do what I love!

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