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I really wanna change it's so hard,
Nothin can erase these scars,
Add me to your fuckin playlist,
Take it out when I get famous.
Tear down all those pictures of me
That you held when I was hungry
Tell your friends I'm fucking ugly,
I went big -- so motherFUCK me!
I am a 16-year-old, Twisted Juggalo and Thuggalo. I live in Chicago, IL, USA. My life cannot be summarized in these lines, so ask a question instead! Music is one of my few saviors.
I am a strong supporter of anti-partisanness, but tend to side with the democrats.
"Maybe we can speed up the process
Kill me in my thirties in the name of progress
Put me in the dirt and then change the topic
Some time it seems like the only way to stop it
Contemplate my departure date
Doesn’t take a lot to get a lot of us to talk this way
Take a shot at me that's all i'm obligated for
Apparently my only guarantee is a walk away " - 'Guarantees', Atmosphere.
If you want to know anything else, just ask and I'll tell.

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