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Be grey or be GAY! Ghosts revival:Generation 2 We are the most elite of Exit Path GhostOfWarp Malkoir(Korner King) GhostOfToast/GhostOfDragons GhostOfHearts GhostOfCorruction GhostOfGryngo GhostofResurrection GhostOfD1 GhostOfBeast Ex-Ghost GhostOfExodus Fake Ghosts ghostofpath123 GhostOfLight GhostOfCheeseStick GhostOfFizz GhostOfHorizon Rules for Joining #1:Be a grandmaster on Exit Path #2:If using a "GhostOf" name the last part of name can be anything you want(but cannot contain the word cat, or anything that is feline) #3:Grey Avatar is preferred by all ghost accounts #4:All new members must have a win % of AT LEAST 40% #5: Prove your worth by showing your tricks and speed. If not accepted you may practice and learn over a 2 week period were you may try again. Ghost Generation 1 GhostOfRazgriz - Leader GhostOfFalcon GhostOfTartarus GhostOfZero GhostOfCharon GhostOfNibelheim Malkoir GhostOfCarnage GhostOfMetal GhostOfAwesomeness GhostOfArcAngels GhostOfClagmin thebluerabbit GhostOfChaos GhostOfTroppO GhostOf310 GhostOfChopper GhostOfLove GhostOfOreo GrayStorm GhostOfTheForgotten GhostOfSauce GhostOfChunky GhostOfJala GhostOfMotion GhostOfZanarkand GhostOfNinja GhostOfKings RedFox PerryThePlatypus2 GhostOfSound GhostOfMiracles GhostOfDeath {SlayerShadow} GhostOfReaper GhostOfMatrix/Conquest GhostOfEnergy GhostOfAssasin GhostOfGhosts GhostOfAlex GhostOfAnceints GhostOfEyon GhostOfWishes

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