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Fast as the wind, solid as a rock... its me your friendly friend... (GHOSTOF) SOLID!!! this will be my MAIN ACCOUNT!! GhostofSolid is real not fake!!! *since ghosts have reset all his members i think im not a ghost anymore but ill keep my account until AG3 Also im going to have a new clan account, but i still will keep this as my MAIN ACCOUNT! ok im back on the roads if anybody wants to play!! but i must admit... im not the same ghost in the run and there is NO ONE I KNOW!!! are you retired?? i miss you guys (Faith, legz, zero, sengokura, and all of them ) *Ok im now in the demons clan (im cristhian and it feels weird) For now on LichtDesZorns (Leader) and i will be organizing the Clan Members, Recruiting is duty of our leader, talk to him if you wanna be part of the clan Official List (not all members, if you are one of them lemme know) ALL OF YOU... MUST BE APROVED BY OUR LEADER!! ALSO YOU ARE WELCOME HERE CLAN MEMBERS! LichtDesZorns - Leader GhostofSolid - Sub leader (Speed) Cpt0bvious - Member DemonOfTime - Member DemonOfTroll- TheTroller DemonOfTime - NarutoAwesomeness28 DemonOfDarkness - Myxamatosis DemonOfVictory - Schmiddy1234 DemonOfIce - Joshua12323 DemonOfEvil - Joshua12323 (Deceased) DemonOfFlute - Flutechick747 DemonOfSnow - Prodigy98 We need names of the recruited ones so please report Soon ill be updating the requirements to enter to the clan also im working in my proyect named "One More Opportunity" if you want to help me just go to this link over here! please like the song! ill be updating my new songs (check there and download it if you like and dont forget to show it to all your friends ) my main account is nice but... im not a ghost anymore so... OldSolid is going to be my next main account!! keep an eye on this... if you are reading this... and you dont know who am i... Real name: Mario Hobby: Super mario bros. (specially SMBW) games i like: i think my profile mention that... Clans: -Ghost (ex) -The Demons Food: Pizza!!! and at least...I HATE EP2!!! my home will be forever EP1 EVER!!!!!! Who you gonna call?? GHOST members?? Who you gonna call??! EP elites??? cya there!!! look for the only solid ghost!! Solid playlist Solid.

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