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Galaxy Ghost Clan: EmperorPalpatine Lead Runner jayjay9 Runner, Lead Integration Coordination wwedfan1 Runner snowguy13 Runner CalvinKidd137 Runner VinceNeille Runner ZombieFreak77 Runner Timmy33 Runner divy1324 Runner daniel5533 Runner watupdaug Runner Samz12 Runner ActivisionBlizzard Runner ninjagod99 Runner bigfatkitty Runner TheNman1 Wipe42 PokemonGuy GoogleWide21 Xborn2BwildX98 Ghostofelements Me! Naitsirk Sssssnnaakke Axenen eugenekim10 Lordkazuya Slair sugarbean Lead Zombie Expert Chess341 Secondary Zombie Expert derek13756 ponyo97 LucasDaLegend JeffK3 nguyenakabop ImTheMostManlyMan Tactical_Fish Requirements and rules: -Anyone can join except hackers and excessive spammers -Don't spam or deride other users, even if they are enemies -Check the list of members to ensure that you're not attacking a member of the clan by accident -Put GC at the end of your posts in battle to denote yourself as a Galaxy Ghost member to further avoid accidental attacks Benefits of Joining -Make new close friends -You can use any Armatar -We'll add a link to your profile -We listen to you and your opinions for improving the clan -We're much more active than most members of other clans -Have fun! Just ask to sign up!

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