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I came here from KrinLabs to see if I could put some more order into this site and maybe make a game or two, but I also want to help people play a fair game with honor.
As some of you may now know, I am know as Guard in KL and within Colony.
These are a couple of links you may want to vist.

The Blacklist Colonyindex.The Compromised ListRanking Up FAQ Colony Bug Report Colony Campfire How to Record Gamplay--------------------------------------------------------
Note: If you are not getting the activation e-mails from Krinlabs when you register check your junk mail. It's most likely there since the e-mail is automated.
Dear reader,
It is my regret to inform you all that I shall no longer be Guard of Krinlabs. An issue has come up and I cannot stay so I must say good bye. There may be someone to update The Blacklist but I am unsure for I cannot go to it myself. If some one can please send Krinlabs this message and give them my luck. Also I can no longer run the tournament. I am sorry I could not do this for any of you but maybe someone will take up the chance to run the tournament itself. Again I am sorry.


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