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I'm a Penguin who lives in a suburb of Armoria. My mission is to get as many quests as possible and be kind and helpful to others. You might find me here in Armoria, in the magical world of Pokemon or Minecraft, posting in the forum games or hugging a random person. These are some things you need to know about me. Good luck, and be happy.

And thanks to huwbert2013 for my armatar!

Armor Games Achievements

Merits Earned For:

1: For participating in the 5th round of THE GREAT DEBATES!.

2: For Counting to 100 for the first time.

3: For finding and reporting a bug on the Armor Games High Scores.

4. For winning in the Armatar Contest: Warrior Edition!

5. For participating in the Armatar Contest: Halloween 2015

Cheeses I have killed:
Dragon Cheese
Penguin Cheese
Cactus Cheese
Kraken Cheese
James Franco Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Blazing Fire Cheese
Nameless Cheese (Later named Shadow Fire Dragon Lord Cheese)
Monster Cheese

Successfully counted to 100 for the first time on: 12/4/2015
Successfully counted to 100 twice on: 6/5/2015
Successfully counted to 100 3 times on: 6/7/2015
Successfully counted to 100 4 times on: 29/8/2015
Successfully counted to 100 5 times on: 21/10/2015

Joined the Legendary Order on: 29/3/2015

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