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  • AIM: I'm not telling stalker
  • MSN: Stalker
  • Yahoo: Stalker
  • XBOX Live: I need to get it
  • Wii: Seriously? Wii?
  • PSN: Don't have one
  • SteamID: What is that?


I am totally awesome. No doubt about it.

By the way, 2012, is MOST DEFINATELY when the world ends. If you disagree, then you can suck my left dick. I will show you so much proof and evidence pointing towards it, it will change your mind faster than ummm I don't know but it will change your mind.

Random Facts:
-I have a twin
-I like blue
-I like strategy games, games that are awesome, games that I can snipe people, games that are awesome etc.
-I'm trilangual- sexy eh? (English, French, Japanese)
-No I am not asain, I'm french (white)

This is bunny, copy and paste him so he can take over the world.

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