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According to an online quiz I'm a communist.
---Team Grey---

1. Grey
2a. MissingTeddyHanssen
2b. Klaushouse
3. dg16dg
4. Burnley4eva
5. Zega
6. My friend Steve who doesn't have an AG account
7. rhys1219
8. Graham
9. Xcalibur45


Team Grey started off as a lame "parody" of existing clubs, with just me in it. However, some people wanted to join so now it's a semi-real club.

Joining Team Grey doesn't really do anything, but you get to have your name on a spiffy list. Oh, and I might set up a lame forum if enough people join.
ಠ_ಠ JOIN TODAY ಠ_ಠ

What is Team Grey? had this to say:

«Food or Team Grey? I'll have Team Grey.»

«Nobody doesn't like Team Grey.»

«Team Greytastic!»

Ok AG so here is the situation

I have been keeping and saving any and all spiders I find running around my house. I keep them alive in little tuba wear containers and drop in crickets or whatever random feeder bugs I find at the local petsmart. Anyway,

I recently have erected a spider battle arena out of cardboard and sugar cubes. I have about 22 spiders in surplus and plan to make them do one on one combat in a tournament of epic proportions. The loser is devoured by the winner and the winner becomes stronger. He then lives on to do battle against the next opponent. Whichever spider is left standing after the other 21 have died will go on to the final round. There is a preying mantis I bought at the vivarium named Charley. The final spider gladiator will do battle with Charley the mantis. If the spider actually manages to beat Charley he will be declared the king of spider land.

There can only be one.

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