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Hey everybody...I think I'm going to quit...I don't have enough time to go on, and I find myself wasting my time on here. I mean no offence by this, I just need some time off. Thinking like that, I don't beleive I'll go on again and if I do it will only be to play games. As I've seen on this site, the main idea has been corrupted. Many people do things JUST to get armor points and get in the top 10. This site is only about games, and should be. That is one reason why I'm quitting, I may come on once in a while to say hi, but I don't beleive I will. The other reason is that I unfortanely, have a life besides playing games all day. Not to be mean but a lot of people just go on here 24/7. I'm sorry everyone I have too many things to do besides playing games. So I'd like to say goodbye to my friends, the mods, and everyone else.

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