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I am a Half-Demon.I have no remorse for killing nor torturing.We are The Legions,The Makers of Hell,The Leaders of Turmoils,The Gods of Death,The Exterminators of Mankind The Slayers of Happiness,The Containers of Agony,The Unleash-er of Doomsday,The Creator of Pain,The Lord of Evil,The Killer of Suppleness,The King of Panic,The Crafter of Terror,The Thief of Comfort,The Cooker of Chaos,The Inventor of Upheaval,The Molder of Disarray,The Father of Murder,The Executioner of The Innocent,The Steal-er of Ease, The Guard of Luxury,The Liquidator of Cheerfulness,The Master of Bloodshed,The Legend of Demons,The Worst,Wicked,Corrupt,Evil, Immoral,Mean,Sinful,Gloomy,Unpleasant,Blood-Thirsty,Brutal, Barbarous, Callow,Hard-Hearten, Inhuman,Unkind,Vicious,Heartless,Demon you have ever had discern of!!

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