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Born in 1997. I have always been a fan of video games and online games. I love to play Xbox360. My favorite 360 game is Halo3. if you want to be my friend on Xbox live my gamer tag is posted at my profile page.

And for those that think I spam rating game I dont!!!
I play a game for at least 10 minutes before rating!!!

Leader of the halo 3 clan called the Blaizing Spartens looking for recruits message me bloodknight729 or our co-leader dadomadler for details. And I am very soon going to make our clan website.
The link below goes to my halo3 stats.
NOTE:I promise you this is not the take your soul trick but if you dont believe me then fine.

Here are the rankings for AG
Wood Serf: 10 AP completed
Iron Serf: 25 AP completed
Gold Serf: 100 AP completed
Wood Squire: 225 AP completed
Iron Squire: 400 AP completed
Gold Squire: 625 AP completed
Wood Knight: 1200 AP completed
Iron Knight: 1750 AP completed
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Iron Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess:4500AP
Iron Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Iron Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Iron King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP

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