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  • Gender: Female
  • AIM: Amateur Idiot Movers
  • MSN: Mommy Steals Nachos
  • Yahoo: No! You're the hoo!
  • XBOX Live: Hamstatime (Someone else took Hamstertime, stoopid buggers)
  • Wii: There is no 'we'
  • PSN: Sucks.
  • SteamID: Steam Iguanna Dumplings


Hey everybody, Florglee and I will now be online lots more often thanks to my new laptop. We weren't able to get on too often before because our computer crashed because Florg decided to download some game or other (you didn't hear it from me). Also, since I've finally graduated, I will have lots more time to work on the Free Rider 2 maps you all seem to like so much. Florg still has to go to school (ha ha) so he won't be on as often as me, but he will still be pretty darn active.
Oh, I turned 18 0n the 29th, so feel free to leave a happy birthday. Not that I'm asking for one or anything...
My newest map will be titled 'Creatures of Canada', and will feature famous folk such as the Ogopogo and Sasquatch, so keep an eye out for that.
Last but not least, I'd like to say 'hi' to any of my friends that are still active. Thanks for hanging in there!
My name's Natasha and I am Florglee2's sister. I am 18 years old and I live in Canada. I have five cats (C.K., Pikachu, Mitsy, Panda, and Anastasia) along with my adorable hamster (Rocky). I used to have a guinea pig named Elmer Jacobson Fudd, but he died on April 12, 2008.
I love camping or pretty much anything that involves getting out of the house for a little while.
For those of you who were anxiously waiting to hear about the results of my hamster walking experiment, it was a complete success. Rocky can now walk calmly and collectively with a harness and leash. There's only one problem though, Rocky has really short legs so he can't travel very far. And he gets really moody if you try to make him walk farther than he wants.
My Third Map!
Sea Life
Goal: Escape!

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1i 97 cf,98 ce e6 dl ju dh,jv dj kv dc mo dc ti dg,tn dc 11c e2 12b ea 14j e9,14h f2 17k gq 1aa jj,17k go 1a9 jj,1a6 jh 1c2 mf 1hp mm,1kq oh 1mb nl 1pm mi,1ph mj 229 no,229 nn 22o nm 245 nl,247 nl 272 n2 2bl ni,2fg ql 2n0 nm,2po tp 2v2 tn,31j 10f 3i8 100 3jg 121,3jd 121 4ul 11m,4u8 11n 55b 11k,4uf 11n 55g 11k,5cp 16i 5dd 15p 5e1 15p,5e3 15r 5ed 160 5f1 155 5g4 144 5gt 144 5hr 13q,5hu 13t 5ii 12q 5ji 11k 5ko 10k 5ni uq,5na ut 5v4 sk 6g7 rq,6r0 r7 6r0 r0,6j3 19e 7ap cv 7d9 c0 7fp c0,7q4 e7 8br 10,8du 7j 8j8 4c 8oi 2o 8sg 2g,91v 26 97e 2n 98p 3o 9b6 47,8s9 2g 8se 26 91v 26,99s 8v 9fi 8v 9i0 bk,9i0 bn 9kd e9,9kl e2 9u8 fu a1u fu a57 gn a6k ib,a6m ib a7p it,a4j nq bd3 nj,bgq mq bm4 ms bmr jo,bmt jo brr em,bct ne bgt mq,5cq 16e 5cg 17c 5b8 17c 5aa 18a,5b8 17c 5cg 17c,5ak 180 55k 17c,8ek 6i 882 84#f3 dh k3 dh l6 dc ml dc np do,f5 dh ek dm ei dv em e4 eu e7 jr e7 kq er lg f0 lt eu,er e7 en ek f5 et i7 gn ll gv mb gk ml g3,f0 eh i4 ga,g1 er ie g5,h2 f2 j3 g5,kl dm le dl lo dl ls 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