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They call me HD _______________________________ I have been playing Exit Path since 2009 on my many accounts, I eventually found a home account here, I compile all of my accomplishments from those profiles onto this one. I consider myself to be one of the best of all time and am held in high regards by some of the greatest. I have competed in the EP invitational tournament the last 4 years and was the tournament champion in 2011 and 2013. I was ranked in the top 5 racers in the world. I have held the top rank, I currently (as of January 21, 2013) am ranked 4th. I do not consider myself to be the best of all time, but I believe that I am up there. And I know that the new generation of EP is great and I will soon be de-throned, and I am okay with that. _______________________________ My Accomplishments: 100 wins* 500 wins* 1000 wins* 1500 wins* 2000 wins* 3000 wins* 4000 wins* 5000 wins* 10000 wins* 1000 XP* 5000 XP* 10000 XP* 50000XP* 100000 XP* 500000 XP* 1000000 XP* Compete in EP Invitational Tourney* Win EP Invitational Tourney* Get invited to a clan* Become trick angel* Become speed angel* Break 10 seconds on Marathon* Break 4 seconds on Fuzz Balls* Break 5 seconds on Cubicles* Break 7 seconds on Crossroads* Break 4 minutes on uniplayer* ______________________________ I consider myself to be retired from EP, but I will log on every now and again and play a little bit on my other profiles. I accept challenges, just leave a comment, and a time. You can find me on one of the following profiles. iRace2Win, xOGxExpress, AstroAngel, AngelOfDemon, TheUntouchable ______________________________ Stats at point of retirement (January 21, 2013) 14,034 total matches 12,259 wins Win percentage of 87.4 _______________________________ EP Invitational 5th place 2010 EP Invitational Champion 2011 EP Invitational Runner-up 2012 EP Invitational Champion 2013 Exit Path Hall of Fame Inductee 2013 1,000,000 XP Club 2014

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