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Actually gonna attempt to write a short and normal bio. I like food, and I'm a coffee/tea addict. It doesn't really make me crazy, I just like the taste of it so gimme a Starbucks gift card if ya see me. I'm a dancer and volleyball player. Uh I also play the violin. I'm good at drawing and painting. Science Olympiad team that's first in nationals ;P I'm a smarticle, but I'm not nerdy or geeky,you would probably think that I'm one of the cool/dumb Asians if you saw me. Nope, I'm not a complete gamer girl, tbh I'm more of a girly girl/hipster but I'm an expert Minecraft player by watching some things on Youtube XD I'm nice(sometimes) My fav music artists are Fall Out Boy and Sam Smith AND PANIC! AT THE DISCO, ESPECIALLY BREDON URIE (the lead singer). Uh yeah I'll stop typing cauz I don't want too long of a bio. Ooooo also, my phone number is...I won't give write it lol , but you can ask me and I'll answer. Apple phones are better than Samsung IMO ahahaha.

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