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Casual gamer: Most recently: 2014-09-17 - Thanks to AG's new ad blackmail policy, this is now a mostly retired account. Back to Kongregate and LOTRO. (I might not have been a high dollar player, but I'm sure the hell a zero dollar player now. Good going AG!) 2014-09-16 - To all those people on DotD and GO2, y'all ROCK! Thanks for a great year! Beer and bacon handouts. Cheers - Hauke -Galaxy Online II -Dawn of the Dragons (Quite the newb, but feel free to add me) -LOTRO -All Gemcraft (Anxiously awaiting the January 2014 release of the next version) Kudos to GameInABottle. Thank you Peter, keep up the great work! Previously: -Wartune (Extremely retired: http://www.bbb.org/central-northern-western-arizona/business-reviews/internet-gaming/r2games-com-in-scottsdale-az-1000026617) -Guild Wars (semi-retired) -Runescrape (very retired) -Diablo & D2 (obviously retired) -The good old in-person die-rolling AD&D while TSR still owned it. (not quite retired, just haven't found a good GM)

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