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Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP


Song 1


Song 2, long and full of solos.


My best song


Song 4:


Free Rider 2

Icy Roads, Length: Small, Difficulty: Hard:

-18 1i 18 1i u 1i,-71 aa -9f 21,18 1i 18 -u u -k,-1i -2q 3o -34,3e -34 -18 -4m 2g -4m,-6s aa -1s aa hg aa -6s aa -9c 26,-5u aa li aa,m6 aa uk 6i 1mm 6i,uk 6i m6 aa kk aa,1m2 6i 1ti 6i 26u 6i 27i 7q 282 9l 292 bt 2an eb 2c7 gg 2di id 2eo k6 2fr lu 2h0 nl 2ic pc 2ju r3 2ll sq 2ng ug 2pf 107 2ri 11u 2tn 13l 2vv 15a 32b 16v 34p 18i 37b 1a2 3a1 1ba 3cr 1ce 3fm 1dc 3ii 1e5 3ld 1es 3o8 1ff 3r2 1g1 3ts 1gg 40m 1gr 43g 1h4 46c 1ha 49b 1ha 4cb 1h6 4f9 1h3 4i7 1gv 4l3 1go 4o1 1g7 4qu 1fm 4to 1f0 50f 1ed 536 1dr 55t 1d8 58j 1cf 5b6 1bk 5dp 1as 5ge 1a6 5jb 19e 5mc 191,1ti 6i 1pq 6i,1k6 6i 1iu 6i,1h2 6i 1fq 6i,1e8 6i 1da 6i,18k 6i v8 6i,up 6k 18m 6k 1tf 6i 1c9 6k v1 6k 1t8 6l 1tp 6l,27i 7q 1t8 6s 1cm 6s 17m 6s uk 6s mg ak -76 ak -6s aa,18 -u u -u,18 -k u -k,18 -a u -a,18 0 u 0,18 a u a,18 k u k 18 a,18 u u u,18 18 u 18 18 u,18 -u u -k,18 -k u -a,18 -a u 0,18 0 u a,18 k u k,18 k u u,18 18 u 18,5mc 191 5pk 18v 5st 197 605 19p 639 1am 66c 1bi 69g 1cj 6cm 1dm 6g3 1ep 6if 1fd 6ku 1g0 6nf 1gg 6q3 1gt 6sm 1h8 6v9 1hl 71t 1i1 74g 1ie 773 1ir 79n 1j8 7ca 1jm 7et 1k3 7hh 1kc 7k2 1kb 7mh 1k9 7ov 1k3 7rc 1jt 7to 1jn 816 1je 84h 1j6 87i 1ih 8ae 1hk 8d8 1gn 8g2 1fu 8im 1ev 8kv 1dk 8n9 1c6 8pm 1aq 8rq 19d 8tm 17v 8vc 16i 90t 153 92a 13k 93j 124 94p 10k 95t v5 970 tl 982 s5 994 ql 9a7 p6 9ba no 9cd md,9cd md 9dv kv 9fg jl 9h8 iq 9io i5 9k1 hj 9le h4 9mq h4 9o5 hm 9p6 ie 9qa jb 9r8 k9 9s4 l7 9te m1,9tg ls a3o ls b56 ls as4 ls,ar6 ls bmc ls,bkg ls bos ls bp6 m6,bos mq bos 11o bos ls c1u ls,c1u 11o bos 11o,c1u m6 bna m6,bpq m6 9tg m6 9oq jc 9m0 h6 9eg kk 8s2 1be 8k8 1ei 8bq 1hm 832 1js 7s6 1js 7kc 1kg 7eo 1kg 77i 1kg,9tg m6 9tg ls,778 1kg 72s 1j8 71k 1ia 6ia 1g4,778 1kg 77i 1kg,6i0 1g4 65g 1bo 60g 1a6 5qs 198 5li 198 5cg 1bo,6i0 1g4 6ia 1g4,5cg 1be 59m 1dk 54m 1du 4vc 1es,5cg 1be 5cg 1bo,4v2 1es 4po 1g4 4ke 1h2 4e6 1hc 49g 1hc 44g 1hc 3v6 1hc 3re 1ge 3l6 1fg 3h4 1e8 3dc 1d0 374 19s 34a 18k 2vu 164 2q0 114 2dq ku 2ac ec 278 9c 25c 7q 1ve 7g,4v2 1es 4vc 1es,uu -68 11e -2q 13k -6i 156 -3o 16o -6s,17m -84 180 -3o 18a -3o,1ag -84 1ag -34,17m -68 1ag -68,1bo -6s 1cc -3e 1ei -3o,1c2 -50 1du -5a,1c2 -68 1du -76,1es -7g 1fg -2g,1fg -2q 1iu -5a,1f6 -5k 1j8 -8o,1es -6s 1ia -9c,1k6 -9m 1l4 -3o,1na -8o 1nk -34,1mc -92 1pq -8e,1lo -2q 1p6 -3o,1sa -1s 1sa -8e,1sa -84 202 -84,1sa -5a 1v4 -5a,1sa -1s 1v4 -26,1v4 -50 1sa -50,1uq -2g 1sk -26,202 -7q 1sa -7q,coe 8e coe 16e ca2 16e ca2 148 cd6 148 cdq 14s cdg 15g cee 15q cdq 16e,coe 8o clu -18 c94 -18 ca2 a ca2 -u cba -u cac -a cba 0 ca2 a,ceo -u cee 0 ceo a,cee 0 cf2 a cf2 k,cfc -k cf2 -k,cf2 a cgu -a cgu -u,cgk -18 cf2 a,cdq a cd6 0,cd6 -k ce4 -a,cc8 0 cbu -a cdg -k,cbu -u cci -k,cd6 -k cdg -a,cd6 a cci a,cbu 0 cbu -a##T bts 11o,G bts pa 5k,G c1k li 2q,S cnq pu,G coe pu 8e,B 20c 6i 2q,O 2a2 7q,O 2ac 7g,O 2ac 76,O 2b0 76,O 2cs 7q,O 2cs 7g,O 2cs 76,O 2dg 76,O 2e4 76,O 2ee 76,O 2dq 7g,O 2ci 7g,O 2ci 7g,O 2ci 7g,O 2d6 7g,O 2dq 7q,O 2e4 7q,O 2e4 7g,O 2ee 7g,O 2eo 7g,O 2c8 7g,O 2c8 7g,O 2c8 7g,O 2ba 7g,O 286 7g,O 2a2 7g,O 2bk 7g,O 2bu 7g,O 2bu 7g,O 2ba 76,O 2bk 7g,O 2ba 7g,O 2b0 7g,O 2am 7g,O 2ac 76,O 29o 76,O 29e 7g,O 294 7g,O 28q 7g,O 28g 7g,O 28g 7g,O 28g 7g,O 2ac 7g,O 27s 7g,O 2b0 7g,O 2c8 7g,O 2ac 7g,O 27i 7g,T 9m0 gs,T 260 6i,S 26u 68

My favorite map:

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -18 a,-18 1i no 1i hg 1i,pk 1i ls 1i,ne 1i pk u pk 1i,n4 1i pa k pk 18,12m -18 1ia -18,1i0 -18 1q4 -18 1q4 -7 1q4 r 1q4 26 1qd 39 1r4 4b 1s0 51 1t2 5k 1u9 62 1vq 6c 219 6e 22j 6f 23v 6f 254 6g 26d 6d 27l 61 28i 5g 29e 4q 2a3 46 2an 3j 2b9 32 2bo 2e 2c1 1p 2c8 t 2cb -1 2cd -14,2cc -14 2ff -14,2fc -u 2i6 -u 2dg -u,2oe 42 2i6 -u,2oe 42 2pe 42 2q9 42 2ra 42 2sf 42 2tl 42 2uv 42 30c 42 31t 41 33a 3u 34f 3r 35j 3o 36j 3j 37d 3f 381 34 38h 2m,3c4 76 3c4 26 3j0 26 3j0 76 3c4 76,3fi -u 3j0 26,3co 1s 3co 26 3co 1i,3d2 18 3d2 26,3dc 18 3dc 1s 3dc 26,3dc 18 3dc u,3dm k 3dm 26,3e0 k 3e0 26,3e0 k 3e0 a,3g6 -a 3g6 26,3g6 0 3g6 -a 3g6 -k,3gg 0 3gg 26,3gg a 3gg -a,3gq 0 3gq 26,3h4 a 3h4 26,3he k 3he 26,3ho u 3ho 26,3i2 18 3i2 26,3im 26 3im 1s,3ic 1i 3ic 26,3ea 76 3ea 4c 3g6 4c 3g6 76,3ek 76 3ek 5k 3eu 5k 3eu 76,3fi 76 3fi 5k 3fs 5k,3fs 5u 3fs 76,3fs 5u 3fs 5k,3ek 5a 3eu 5a 3eu 4c 3ek 4c 3ek 5a,3fi 5a 3fs 5a 3fs 4c,3fi 4c 3fi 5a,3gq 34 3gq 4c 3i2 4c 3i2 34 3gq 34,3he 34 3he 4c,3he 3o 3gq 3o,3he 3o 3i2 3o,3lg 3o 3lq 3e 3m4 3o 3me 3e 3mo 3o 3n2 3e 3nc 3o 3nm 3e 3o0 3o 3oa 3e 3ok 3o 3ou 3e 3p8 3o 3pi 3e 3ps 3o 3q6 3e 3qg 3o 3qq 3e 3r4 3o 3re 3e 3ro 3o 3s2 3e 3sc 3o 3sm 3e 3t0 3o 3ta 3e 3tk 3o 3tu 3e 3u8 3o 3ui 3e 3us 3o 3v6 3e 3vg 3o 3vq 3e 404 3o 40e 3e 40o 3o 412 3e 41c 3o 41m 3e 420 3o 42a 3e 42k 3o 42u 3e 438 3o 43i 3e 43s 3o,43s 3e 446 3e,44g 3e 44q 3e,454 3e 45e 3e,45o 3e 462 3e,46c 3e 46m 3e,470 3e 47a 3e,47k 3e 47u 3e,488 3e 48i 3e,48s 3e 496 3e,49g 3e 49q 3e,4a4 3e 4ae 3e,4ao 3e 4b2 3e,4bc 3e 4bm 3e,4c0 3e 4ca 3e,4ck 3e 4cu 3e,4d8 3e 4di 3e,4ds 3e 4e6 3e,4eg 3e 4eq 3e,4f4 3e 4fe 3e,4fo 3e 4g2 3e,4gc 3e 4gm 3e,4h0 3e 4ha 3e,4hk 3e 4hu 3e,4i8 3e 4i8 3o,4ii 3e 4ii 3o,4is 3e 4is 3o,4j6 3e 4j6 3o,4jg 3e 4jg 3o,4jq 3e 4jq 3o,4k4 3e 4k4 3o,4ke 3e 4ke 3o,4ko 3e 4ko 3o,4l2 3e 4l2 3o,4lc 3e 4lc 3o,4lm 3e 4lm 3o,4m0 3e 4m0 3o,4ma 3o 4ma 3e,4mk 3e 4mk 3o,4mu 3o 4mu 3e,4n8 3e 4n8 3o,4ni 3o 4ni 3e,4ns 3e 4ns 3o,4o6 3e 4o6 3o,4og 3e 4og 3o,4oq 3o 4oq 3e,4p4 3e 4p4 3o,4pe 3o 4pe 3e,4po 3e 4po 3o,4q2 3o 4q2 3e,4qc 3e 4qc 3o,4qm 3o 4qm 3e,4r0 3e 4r0 3o,4ra 3o 4ra 3e,4rk 3e 4rk 3o,4ru 3o 4ru 3e,4s8 3e 4s8 3o,4si 3o 4si 3e,4ss 3e 4ss 3o,4t6 3o 4t6 3e,4tg 3o 4tg 3e,4tq 3e 4tq 3o,4u4 3o 4u4 3e,4ue 3e 4ue 3o,4uo 3o 4uo 3e,4v2 3e 4v2 3o,4vc 3o 4vc 3e,4vm 3e 4vm 3o,500 3e 568 3e 592 1s 5ne 1s 5li 1s,5ne 1s 592 1s,5kk 1s 5k0 1s 5kk 1s,5j2 1s 5ie 1s 5jc 1s,5hq 1s 5d4 1s 5a0 1s 5de 1s 5gi 1s,5a0 1s 5ne 1s,5h6 1s 59c 1s,5ec 1s 5f0 1s 5ec 1s,5h6 1s 5hg 1s,5ka 1s 5ie 1s,5h6 1s 5g8 1s,594 1s 5nf 1s,5nf 1r 593 1s 5nc 1q,5s4 68 5l8 68 576 c6 4si c6 4si a0 4og a0 4si a0 500 c6,4og a0 4f4 a0 4f4 5k,3lg 3e 3ja 3e,3fs -k 3fs 26,38c io 38c e2 38c io 3as io 3as fk 3as de,3as io 3as cg 39u bs,3as cg 36q cg 36q hq,36q io 3as io,3as cg 3as bs,38c aa 38c bs,38c de 3as cg,38c au 38c aa,37o 8o 358 8o,332 9c 332 au 358 au 358 8o,34k cg 36q cg,38c cg 366 cg,33m au 324 9c,37o cg 36q e2,358 de 358 au,366 7q 37o 7q,37o aa 366 bs,358 bs 38c bs,39a bs 366 bs,37o 8o 39a 8o,39a 9c 38c bs,36g cg 38m 8e,38m 84 38m 7g,3fi -u 3c4 26,3ce 26 3ce 1s,3ea 26 3ea 0,3ek -a 3ek 26,3eu 26 3eu -a 3eu -k,3f8 -k 3f8 26,3fi 26 3fi -u,3fs -k 3fs 26,4j6 18 4i8 18 4vm 18,4i8 18 4lm 18,5s4 68 63u 68 63u -68 61e -7g 61o -76,622 -76 62c -6s,62m -6s 630 -6i,63a -6i 63k -68##S 63a -34,G 5se -2q 5k,G 63u -34 8e,S 3fi -18,S 3fi -1i,S 3fi -1i,T 3fk -13,S 1q4 -1p,S 1q4 -1o,S 1q4 -1f,S 1q4 -1c,T ua -26,T 38c 2g,T 3fi -18,B 2am -2q e2,S 2b0 -2q,G 5ne 18 e2,S 5o2 18,G 4ma a0 mg,G 4mu a0 mg,T 4mk 8o,S 4mu 9c,S 4ma 9c

This one is hard, you have to act fast, I had to add speed on the needle ramp because it was too hard.

-18 1i 18 1i 9c 1i do k mq -1i qs -2g 9c 1s 9c 1i qs -2g 9c 1i qs -2g,-18 1i -18 -a,130 -3o 23g -3o 24g -3t 25e -42 26c -4c 279 -4r 282 -5b,2eo -8e 2ms -8e 3gg -8e 3hl -8e 3ip -8e 3ka -8o 3lh -91 3ms -9m 3ns -af 3on -ba 3pf -c5 3pl -d8 3pg -e6 3p9 -f3 3on -fs 3nv -gg 3n5 -h0 3mf -h9 3lr -hf,3j0 -e2 2vk -e2,2v0 -e2 30i -e2 2te -e2 2te -ec 2t4 -ec 2t4 -em 2sq -em 2sq -f0 2sg -f0 2sg -fa 2s6 -fa 2s6 -fk 2rs -fk 2rs -fu 2ri -fu 23q -fu,2eo -84 3im -84,2to -e2 2te -e2,2t4 -em 2sq -em,23g -fu 1na -ku,1n0 -ku 1k6 -ku,1iu -ku 1iu -kk,1ik -ka 1ik -ku,1ia -kk 1ia -ka,1hm -k0 1i0 -ku,1hm -ku 1f6 -ku,1da -ku 1a6 -kk,18a -kk 17c -kk,16o -kk 15q -kk,148 -kk 13k -kk,11o -kk 10q -kk,vi -kk ua -ku,t2 -ku p0 -ku,o2 -ku n4 -ku,l8 -ku ka -ku,j2 -ku hq -ku,gi -ku fk -ku,ec -ku cq -kk,bs -kk 9c -kk,7g -ka 2g -k0,26 -k0 -1i -j2,-1i -io -1i -i4 -2q -i4,-4c -i4 -4m -i4,-4m -io -4m -k0 -6i -k0 -c6 -li -12m -li,-6i -k0 -5a -gs -3e -hq,-3e -i4 -18 -j2 -4m -k0,-148 -7q -148 -f0,-15g -f0 -15g -7q,-16o -f0 -16o -7q#2eo -8e 2gu -c6 2gu -aa 2fm -aa 2fm -a0 2hs -a0 2hs -aa,2gu -c6 2i6 -8e 2gu -c6,2fm -aa 2hs -aa,2iq -8e 2j4 -8e 2ig -8e 2ig -ak 2kc -ak 2kc -aa 2ig -aa,2ig -8e 2eo -8e 3im -8e,3bq -8e 3b6 -8e 3a8 -8e,3ai -8e 38c -8e,37o -8e 3b6 -8e,3bg -8e 3b6 -8e,3bq -8e 3co -8e 3bq -8e,3e0 -8e 3ek -8e 3ce -8e 3ic -8e 3h4 -8e,3f8 -8e 3fs -8e 3gg -8e,3fs -8e 3f8 -8e,3ek -8e 3e0 -8e,3d2 -8e 3dc -8e,3dm -8e 3ek -8e,3fi -8e 3ek -8e,3he -8e 3gq -8e 3fs -8e 3gq -8e,3g6 -8e 3he -8e 3gq -8e,3i2 -8e 3ic -8e,3g6 -8e 3f8 -8e,3he -8e 3ic -8e,3ea -8e 3dc -8e,39k -8e 390 -8e,37o -8e 37e -8e,36g -8e 35s -8e,34u -8e 340 -8e,33c -8e 32e -8e 2vu -8e 2v0 -8e 2rs -8e,31g -8e 30s -8e,2uc -8e 2te -8e 32o -8e 32o -d4 332 -cq,2t4 -8e 2s6 -8e 2p2 -8e,2ri -8e 2qu -8e,2pm -8e 2p2 -8e,2nq -8e 2n6 -8e,2lu -8e 2lk -8e 2lk -b8 2kc -b8 2ms -b8,2kc -8e 2jo -8e 2ig -8e 2hs -8e,2h8 -8e 2ga -8e,2fc -8e 2eo -8e,2fm -8e 2gk -8e,2h8 -8e 2l0 -8e 2jo -8e 2iq -8e 2la -8e 2lu -8e 2m8 -8e 2n6 -8e,2la -8e 2m8 -8e 2la -8e,2km -8e 2k2 -8e,2km -8e 2lk -8e,2oe -8e 2oo -8e 2mi -8e 2sq -8e,2ng -8e 2ms -8e,2oe -8e 2q0 -8e 2s6 -a0,2pc -8e 308 -8e 2t4 -au 30s -au,316 -8e 35i -8e,358 -8e 340 -8e,34u -8e 37o -8e,382 -8e 366 -8e,36q -8e 3gq -8e,2ig -8o 2km -8o 2km -8e 2ig -8e,2o4 -8e 2o4 -bs 2pc -bs 2pc -bi 2o4 -bi,2o4 -au 2pc -au 2pc -ak 2o4 -ak,2q0 -8e 2ri -au 2t4 -8e 2qu -a0,2to -8e 308 -8e,324 -b8 35i -b8 308 -b8 308 -au 34k -au 34k -b8,358 -b8 358 -au 35i -b8,32o -d4 32e -cq,32o -cg 32e -c6,32o -cq 32e -cg,32o -cq 332 -cg,32o -cg 332 -c6,32o -bs 32e -bi 32o -bi 332 -bi 32o -b8#G -14i -li 5k,T -14i -li,T -13a -li,T -11e -li,T -q8 -li,T -kk -li,T -uu -li,S -12m -li,S 3nc -gi,B 2v0 -8e 2q,B 2k2 -8e 2q,B 2fc -8o 2q,B qs -2g 12

Beast it!

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -14 m -v -1 -l -l -3 -u -h -i -v -2 -14 j -16 17 -15 1p -i 20 2 1p m 1i 19 1j 1s 1v 2b 2h 33 34 43 3t 53 4n 6b 5l 7g 6b 8n 6v a0 7k bc 89 cn 8q e5 92 fc 95 gh 96 hs 8m j6 7v ka 79 lh 6g mt 5p oe 54 q3 4m rr 4e tl 4c vf 4b 11b 4c 135 4l 14t 56 16l 5s 18c 6m 1a3 7j 1bq 8j 1dh 9k 1f8 an 1gu br 1ik d0 1k9 e6 1lt fc,1lt fc 1ng gg 1p2 hk 1qk im 1sb jb 1u6 jq 202 k2 21v k7 23t k9 25r k9 27q k6 29p k0 2bo jp 2do jg 2fo j5 2he im 2io i8 2k3 hp 2l2 h8 2ls gj 2mn fn 2nh em 2of dh 2pb d3 2q1 dl 2qk eb 2r3 es 2rr fc 2sl g4 2to g8 2ul g8 2vo g1 311 fn 32a fe 33q f3 352 el 36b e2 37n dc 394 ck 3aj br 3c2 b3 3d9 aj 3e6 ae 3es ac 3fj am 3gh ao 3hl ap 3ip aq 3k1 ar 3l5 ar 3ma as,3ma as 3nh as 3op as 3q2 ar 3rc ar 3so ar 3u5 ar 3vk aq 414 ap 42g ao 43u an 45a am 46q ai 48k af 4aj af 4cn ag 4ec ai 4g3 ak 4ht an 4jn ar 4lk av 4nh b2 4pg b5 4rg b7 4th ba 4vi bd 51j bf 53i bi 55e bl 579 bo 592 br 5aq bu 5cg c0 5e5 c3 5fp c6 5hr ca 5ji cd 5l1 cf 5m9 ch 5ni ck 5ok cl 5pr cn 5qv cn 5s4 co 5tb co 5uj cp 5vr cp 615 cp 62f cq 63q cq 655 cq,655 cq 66g cq 67s cq 698 cq 6ak cq 6c1 cq 6dd cq 6eq cq 6g6 cq 6hj cq 6j0 cq 6kd cq 6lp cq 6n6 cq 6oj cq 6q0 cq 6rd cq 6so cr 6tr cq 6uv cp 708 cl,706 ct 70r dn 71n e9 72i eo 739 f5 74a fe 759 fj 76e fn 77m fq 78q fs 7a0 fu 7b7 fu 7ch fr 7dv fi 7fd fa 7gr f2 7i9 es 7jn ei 7l4 e1 7m9 dj 7nc d5 7o4 co 7on c7 7p6 bn 7pu ba 7r0 b4 7s0 b1 7t5 av 7ue at 7vi ar 80o aq 81v aq 837 ap 84h ao 85q ao 875 an 88g an 89r an 8b7 an 8ci am 8dv am 8fb am 8gn am 8i3 am 8j9 am 8ke am 8le ak 8mb ag 8n2 a9 8nl a0 8o5 9m,8o5 9m 8of 98,92a 5a 93c 5a 94m 5a 964 5a 97o 5a 997 5a 9ao 5a 9cc 5a 9e3 5a 9fm 5a 9h2 5a 9ig 5a 9jl 5a 9kp 5a 9lp 5a 9mk 5a 9nc 5a 9nv 5a,9ns 5a 9ol 57 9pf 50 9q6 4l 9qp 47 9r7 3m,9vm 4m a5a 4m ade 4m ac6 4m,ade 4m ai4 4m,aj2 4m ak0 4m,apu 4m aqs 4m,arq 4m atc 4m,au0 4m avi 4m,b3a 4m b4s 4m,b6e 4m b80 4m,b9i 4m bag 4m,bc2 4m bdk 4m ba6 4m,bes 4m bfq 4m,bia 4m bji 4m,bl4 4m bm2 4m,bnk 4m bos 4m,bp6 4m bsu 4m,c0m 4m c28 4m,c2i 4m c44 4m ce4 4m coo 4m d0i 34 dta 34 e88 76 f2q 76 f92 42 fls 42 frg 84 g8k 84,c3q 4m c28 4m,c10 4m bve 4m,bug 4m bsu 4m,bs0 4m bqe 4m,bp6 4m bnk 4m,bmm 4m ble 4m,bjs 4m biu 4m bhc 4m,bge 4m bes 4m,b8u 4m b7c 4m,b72 4m b4s 4m,b48 4m b2c 4m,b1o 4m ak0 4m,aie 4m ags 4m,aak 4m a92 4m,a84 4m a92 4m,aak 4m abs 4m,ado 4m af0 4m,agi 4m ai4 4m,ajm 4m akk 4m,ali 4m apa 4m##T ffu 34,T fg8 34,T fg8 2q,T ffu 2q,T ffk 2q,T ffk 34,T ffk 3e,T ffk 3o,T ffk 42,S a7g 4m,S a9m 4m,S a5k 4m,S 9ra 34,B 9ma 5a 2q,B 9g2 5a 2q







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