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~*~Going Green For A Better World ~*~
All people are invited to join in to make the world cleaner and a safer place to live. I encourage all people to help in doing your part to save the world; even if it is only recycling and picking up a piece of trash when you can. so please join in and do your part to save the world.


______UPCOMING EVENTS_______


---Earth Day: April 22
-GOAL:This earth day turn off all your lights for at least 15 minutes to give mother Earth a little break.


_______WEEKLY GOALS_______

---Spread the word to make others aware of green events that they can help participate in.

---Research and and find what green activities are going on world wide, and within your own community so we may update the upcoming events list.

---Go green within your own household. Make you family aware of what they can do to go green and save the world.

----Provide other links and sites for us to refer to.

_______LINKS PROVIDED_______

provided by, Pixie214



A short time ago i started thinking about weather a club was the best idea. So I have changed it so it won't be a "club" any more. The layout of the page will still be the same all except for no members list. And for those who wish to make commitments I'll think of something. I encourage people to still be active even though you won't be doing it as a club member, but as another person who would like to help the Earth.

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