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I guess I could just round up a large collective of my opinions on different subjects, on here -- about me! It makes sense, right? They will usually be quotes I used in the situation, and if required (which will be the case occasionally) I will add context. "Honor virtutis preamium" - "Honour be the reward of virtue" I stand by this with no doubt. If there is one thing that I can say after I've seen a lot of things I'd disagree with being approved of implored by many other people, where I could do the same and be more respected for it -- it's my refusal and my commitment to what I do that makes me the most happy. "Physical intimacy is usually not done between common friends, and usually is between two partners and very close friends in a time of comfort (when on a serious level)... I think it's underdone," - Me There is no required context, but this was found on this thread: Opinions on Cheating Thread (AG) I do think physical intimacy and human comfort in general is underdone. It's too easy to see ones attitude affect others negatively, and it's shocking to see the lack of recognition you see in people who are evidently "joking around" but do not realize what they're doing in the sense of demoralizing others, or simply nullifying any positive outlook. I guess I should give a link on another thing (a video), which summarizes what I'd say in a much more entertaining fashion, and accurately as well: Day[9] on Being Relentlessly Positive, Youtube Appreciate and enjoy what you have, understand that most of it -- especially to do with other humans, is a bonus (or privilege) and that the loss of it is the lacking of a bonus under many circumstances. "I would think that I would be with someone intelligent enough to make her own choices and we could at least end on a positive note in that stance... if not, then I would view it as for the best..." - Me Too often I hear or see pain and suffering from losing a partner, generally of the partner's fault, which in the case of the thread, would be cheating. I dislike viewing things like that (you also see in the thread I like seeing things in a positive way), because it just cuts deep into you and those around you for little to no reason. What does it provide? Comfort? No. A good reason? No. Confidence? Definitely not! It is better to view it as for the best, and being happy that you are not with someone who would do that to you rather than loathing yourself and / or others because of a rotten act done by one ignorant piece of carbon... okay I took that from Tim Minchin. "For your sake, don't try and protect your inability to control yourself with a generalized judgement on humanity. Learn to develop your actions based on what you think is the most logical / reasonable, where that fuels your discipline. It is much easier if you're able to tell yourself to shut up and do what you know is right, especially." "What is natural and what is allowed need not be one in the same. Don't get me wrong -- I believe some things that are natural should not be changed (such as homosexuality, if you look at that thread)(Homosexuality Thread, AG), but the more, I guess you could call "civilized" aspects of humanity I believe can be retained even if it tugs at your "primal desires"." "a lot of people on the WEPR, the "veterans", especially are incredibly intelligent and well-versed people." "pure entertainment or even quality of entertainment to me does not dictate how good a game is." "if I were to bump into someone in the middle of the street and start talking with them -- I would absolutely show them respect, their mistake or mine. If however they turned out blunt, stroppy and an overall fool it wouldn't take long for that respect they initially had to dissipate." It's... common courtesy to give respect to other living things, I feel. It's more or less "my standard" to have respect and even a sense of love for people unless given a reason otherwise... not a situation where they need to "earn" my respect. "I view wisdom as the ability to interpret correctly and make viable judgements as a result. Intellect is the ability to understand what is seen. As a result wisdom cannot be used to its maximum effect without knowing what you're discussing properly." I always support the idea of morality > intellect, as knowing things means nothing if you do not use that knowledge correctly. This merely says that it's difficult to make the correct decisions when you don't know the entire situation, as a result, that little rating of which is better does not stand entirely valid. It should be noted that I am going to try and enhance my English, to a more correct method... I like to type as if I am saying it, so the expression I use is directly transferred in commas, ellipses, full stops and more punctuation. The problem with that is that it's actually incorrect so I'll sort that out as I begin posting on AG again. "Expression can be demonstrated in many ways, trauma takes many forms, but the strength to resist or ignore ones troubled thoughts, acknowledging that compromise indicates a truly strong warrior." I am unable to realize the strength of trauma or the art of war itself, not being a witness involved with such acts (directly). I have an optimistic, or even fantasist outlook on things -- if something is NOT physically impossible and is a great idea, it should be pursued. That mental strength I believe can be achieved by people, and to maintain the strength of a nation and it's representation would be to show that in the people who enforce its ultimate power -- violence. "You know what can fuel half of the good personas known? The idea of being a good person, of doing a good thing. The possibility of so easily empowering another person simply by words and encouragement? That this put in reverse could have the same effect -- that everyone doing this could be a MASSIVE boast to everyday life's standards, emotions, outlooks and etc?" "Too many things can be passively observed or noticed, just by thinking in different ways on a consistent basis." Your ability to see things usually concealed to the naked eye likely isn't just luck or expectancy, but a latent adeptness at spotting or noticing that kind of thing. - H

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