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Quotes- "Its easier to resist the beginging than the end!"
                              -Leonardo Da Vinci
"Sleeping is a waste of time,where awake is successful"
                                   -Leonardo Da Vinci
Mirror Writing
Was it a ploy to thwart Renaissance copycats peeking at his notes, or just a way to avoid the inky mess of writing left-handed?
Scuba Gear
The Revolving Bridge
Always a fan of the quick getaway, Da Vinci thought his revolving bridge would be best used in warfare.
The Winged Glider
This open-shelled model, fitted with seats and gears for the pilot, did not include a design for a crash helmet.
The Triple-Barreled Cannon
More thinker than fighter, Da Vinci's distaste for conflict didn't stop him from dreaming up designs for more efficient cannons
The Aerial Screw
Modern scientists agree it may never have lifted off the ground, but Da Vinci's "helicopter" design is still one of his most famous.
The Ideal City
His architectural draughts are highly detailed and even include horse stables with fresh air vents
The Self-Propelled Car
Geologic Time
Plate tectonics?
# 1

The Vitruvian Man

Da Vinci modeled his perfect human form after the proportions laid out by Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect.

The TroJan War-(c.1200 B.C.)

The trojan war was my favorite,they were genius at tricks and being stealthy. they sent a massive trojan horse out to the beaches of troy with multiples of soldiers inside where they wait till troys army would recover the gift they believe that was from the gods and they took it in and at night the Greece came out an conquered troy.

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