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Sup guys, Falcon here. Chek dis pimp new prof yo. Everytime I look at my name I want to eat...

---I SO wonna be there---

So yea, im basically just some dum kid who plays flashes...and pwnes there faces in!!

***Stuff Bout Meh***

-HUGE Chuck Norris fan
-Lover of MMORPG's
-Can juggle...kinda
-Comedy fan
-Will own u at ping pong any day of the week.
-I run sound tech for my youth band
-Books are they're good...
-Love movies only when w/ friends
-Named my dog after the famous pink marshmellow Kirby.
-Know for a fact kirby IS a marshmellow (un like my hater best friend jaysax)
-Corn mazes makes me hungry
-ALWAYS sing in the shower
-Fav shower songs include:
a. Buttercup babey *Temtations*
b. White and Nerdy *Wierd Al*
c. Ultimate Showdown *No Idea*
-Thinks that Zelda Ocorina of Time is so good they should make a movie and/or a personal game system for it.
-Have always wanted to play the ocorina
-Love to make up words like:
-Thinks all names ae bettr with "X"s in them.
-Has gotten board of writing this and may add more later.


(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!



Linkin Park
Jimmy Eat World
Three Days Grace
Under Oath
Wierd Al
LOTR Sound track (makes me misty eyed)
Demon Hunter
Three Doors Down
Fly Leaf
Norma Jean
Myself (in the shower)
more then that...just cant think...

Ok, now some of you might know my from RuneScape, was kinda big on it a while ago...just a reminder...I QUIT, so plz i dont wonna hear about it anymore. Thanks =D

Now, we all love the TUBE, but chek out some of there vids:


A vid my cuz made. Freakin awesome, plz rate and comment!!

This guy is good...

Thats the reason I quit...

This made me rofl...

OMG watch 1 and 2 FIRST!!

You can watch that 100 and it will still be funny

OK so ANYWAY if you can tell alredy, im a chuck norris fan, I beleave ROFL COPTERS will someday take over the world, and I have planned to excape them with my loler skates.

Hope to get more stuff up soon, but feel free to leave a random HI or w/e...makes me feel good =]


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