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  • XBOX Live: I don't use Live. D:
  • Wii: No internet on my Wii.
  • PSN: Don't own one. PS2 has no intenet connection.
  • SteamID: I use Game Ranger. (ID-Hydromi Tad) The large city that I'm signed with is Detroit.


Currently: Climbing a hill, while cutting through a wall of human flesh, and dragging my canoe behind me!

I currently live in a rural community in the United States. I am also 50% Finnish, hence the quote at the bottom of the page. I am on MANY other gaming sites other than AG. If I had to rank AG, it would be number one!
     I also have two YouTube channels. One is devoted to my weird sense of humor and the other is devoted to my unusual taste in music.

My YouTube channel

My other YouTube channel

I try to get videos out as soon as I can!

This is me.

This is also  me.


My bro is just as cool a guy as me, LOL.  Check him out!


School has started and it is very hectic. 

I will not be on during the week  Well, maybe I will, but only to respond quickly to comments and say hi.


I am now playing Dead Frontier.  It's a 3D MMORPG that has you in a zombie infested city.  It's really cool and addictive!

Viking Clan

I'm starting Viking Clan on The Last Stand: Dead Zone.  This is the latest clan for the Viking Clan "franchise."  If you want to join, please leave a comment below. :P


Help for newbies

BB Code v4.1  will show you how to post links, pictures, bold print, etc.

Forums are a good place to start if you need help.  Most of your questions will be answered there.


Okay, just so no one feels bad that they get a locked thread, I’ll tell you some rules that are not in the T&C.

1.  No threads about specific users.  It’s not in the rules, but it’s never nice to point at people.

2.  No pictures created out of letters, symbols, and keyboard type.  They may be locked under pastaandspam.  Keytype pictures make the moderators cry at night.  Please don’t make the moderators cry at night.

3.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Respect Everyone So Please Expect Care Today.  Respect people’s opinions.  Be nice when debating a sensitive issue.  Not everyone will agree with your stance.  Failure to play nice could result in a temp ban.


Cenere’s awesome guide to locked threads


"[ans] - The question the OP posed has been answered, and the purpose of the thread has been fulfilled.
[dup] - This thread is a duplicate of an already existing thread, or there is a more active thread, which should be used instead. Alternately, there is a sticky with this topic. Use that.
[req] - The OP has requested the thread to be locked for various reasons. This is no longer our problem. Too bad.
[necro]/[nec] - This thread was dead and long buried, but someone made it come back to undeath. Please don't do that, zombies and necro threads eats brains.
[spam] - Not canned meat, but rather a horrible reaction to too many users being unable to contribute to the thread, or make sentences that follow the rules in length and quality.
[OPspam] - Same as above, it just started very early.
[caps] - I dislike people yelling at me, even in writing. All caps is not cruise control, it is a good way to get banned.
[No.] - Congratulation, you did not read the rules, and you have just proven so. Marked for flaming, hate and all their little friends that break the TaC.
[what] - Exactly what it says on the tin."

*Punches Cenere in the face*

My favorite music:


The Immediate-Serenata Immortale

Position Music-Journey of Honor

Audiomachine-Angels and Demons

I listen to these as I mow down zombies in The Last Stand 3, LOL.

Music Mixes done by me

Epic Music Mix I-Honor

Epic Music Mix II-Paths of Glory

More are on the way!





Updating my blog is a pain. 

Please go here for all my recent news.  Thanks.

~Hydromi Tad
"Finns have the power of darkness, Finns are wizards!!!"

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