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<strong><font color="#B80000 ">The top of the profile</font></strong> I'm back...ish.<strong><i style="font-size:1px">Comment "I like Muffins with cheese" on my profile. Don't question it.</i></strong> Want to be recognised? Grace your posts with quality or overload AG with quantity. Be memorable. <strong><font color="#FF6633 ">About me</font></strong> - Between the age of 14-18 - Male - My real life name is "Matthew" - I like stealing pang's profile - I watch (and play) a lot of soccer. It is mostly the Premier league and the Serie A but most matches are at really weird times where I live. - Oh yeah, I don't live i the US. For some reason people think I'm Irish, but if you'll look at my flag... - I usually <del>make</del> attempt to make decent threads - I hope to get into game design as a job. <strong><font color="#99FF66">Video games</font></strong> -I own a Playstation but I like playing some of the indie steam games a bit more. - I love point and click graphic adventures (Think Maniac mansion, Grim Fandango, Full throttle, Day of the tentacle, etc) - Currently in the middle of playing Tomb Raider and Bastion. - Don't really have a favourite video game. I'd like to say Day of the Tentacle but then games like Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sleeping Dogs and GTA deserve to be there. <strong><font color="#660066">Music</font></strong> - Not really a huge factor of my life. I listen to anything from Ska to Classic Rock. Don't have a favourite band/artist either. <strong><font color="#6699FF ">Name</font></strong> - Just call me IAgree. I can't really be bothered coming up with a nick name. - It started one day when my friends were arguing about some of the stupidest thing. I can't remember what it was now but it was a conversation like this... - So now, whenever they argue I just agree with both of them and it shuts them up. It's a win-win situation. <strong><font color="#990066 ">Religious beliefs</font></strong> Mostly agnostic because I'm a real cop out and don't want to offend anyone. <strong><font color="#B80000 ">Achievements (Bold is completed)</font></strong> Don't worry, I don't take them too seriously. If they happen, they happen. - Stop being the newbie. - 500 posts - 1000 posts -<strong>Make a thread with 50 posts.</strong> -<strong>Make a thread with 100 posts.</strong> - Make a thread with 500 posts. (Never going to happen) - Make a thread with 1000 posts. (Never going to happen) - Make one of those regular update threads - Talk to Dan <strong><font color="#FFCC66">Terms and conditions</font></strong> By posting on my profile you agree that<strong><i style="font-size:1px"> I reserve the right to take your soul for all eternity. Also, just because you can copy things does not make you any smarter than normal.</i></strong>

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