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hi my name is Owen, i like football,lacrosse and baseball.I dont like when ghetto people talk in genral, HATE.My new fave bands is papa roach the fray,hollywood undead,three days grace,and alot more!. I live in phoenixville,pennsylvania.And have lots of friends, all my best friends are at school and here.i like the ladies . I have a pandora an sikids account kongregate...obviousley....a nonoba and call of duty headquarters.I play on the phoenixville phantoms....for football [undicided]cuz i was on the rams but im moving up and we won the championships this year so.Uhm i also play on the a's[athletics].The way you can identify me ..i have immense cuts bruises and gashes in my legs and just everywhere mostely from lacrosse and football.I like to play lacrosse alot its really fun so i talk about it alot.Visit My Website

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