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Oh Hi. I cant be bothered to Type to heres my Xat Profile: Basically, I am just a normal human being with a life and personality, If you dont like what you read then thats your problem, not mine. I like standing up for people and my friends so if you hurt my friends feelings or hurt them then expect something back. I also treat people how i want to be treated so if you treat me bad then expect that back. I like to watch Documentrys Because they can teach and show you stuff that school dont and to me, Documentrys are interesting. If you are actully reading this to see how old i am, ill put you out of your misery now and tell you. I am as old as you think i am. I am a tomboy type of girl and i dont cover myself up in orange Make-up or fake tan like Sluts. I am dirty minded so dont think im not. You want my Phone number? Tough Luck. I live in the UK, But im not telling you where because i have no clue who is actully reading this. Yes, I do wear glasses, So what? I actully need them to see. I am me. If you dont like what you read then Jog on. Im greatful for what i have in life, I dont want no more or no less, Im greatful that my friends like me for who i am. Don't like me, Then why did you come here in the first place. If Your Not Enjoying Life. Then Your Not Living. KThxBye.

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