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I shall be less active in these coming months but I'm still here. Watching. Always watching.

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You have been touched with the claw.


I am (some will refer to me as) an artist, not full time yet as I'm still in education what not but my dream is to earn a living by selling my art. I work mainly in Sculpture particularly metal but also some 2D work. If anyone wants my artistic opinion or any help art related I would be more than happy to help :)

       ~~My Art~~


Likes: Heavy Metal, Chinese tea, coffee, cars, art, energy drinks and pizza


Dislikes: spammers, attention seekers, posers, hypocrites, hot weather, pop music, fangirls and most people my age.


Some threads by me:

Unfortunately, Fortunately game


Opinions on piercings and tattoos


Countries you would love to go to?

Sports you like/hate/play regularly.

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