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I will only accept friends that are rank 1 and above or a known friend.You can try some of my favorite games if you like.I recommend that you try the super space 3d game.And if haven't already Starfighterisputed Galaxy.My all time favorite game is Amorphous+.I hope you like my avatar!ReMeMbEr!You can only be my friend if you are rank 1 or a known friend.(in real life) About me: My favorite sport is:Skiing. My favorite color is:Blue. My favorite type of food is:Thai. I have a petog. Ok, so that is what I would like to share with you right now!Oh,I almost forgot,I have an account on My Lego Network so if you are on it please go to my page and add me as a friend!If you are not doing it you should try it!If you want to try it go to this link//mln.lego.com/en-us/Network/Home.aspx.Thanks for reading my profile!Please give me some shouts about your favorite games or something like that.If you are a fan of Amorphous+ here is a guide to it.It has 10 whole sections of help. http://www.freewebs.com/bubblemasta/ Just go there and look at it.(if you already have tons of awards on the one on kongregate don't play the one that is there because you start out with 0 awards and 0 rewards and 0 bestiary)-Ignika

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