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----------------------It's been a while.-------------------

Whoa. Can't believe it's been over six years since I joined this site. This account sure has been collecting dust, hasn't it...?

Hehe...last I checked I promised I would be active on this site, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I have a life and a job now, AND a girlfriend, something that wouldn't be plausible to me back then.

But now I look at my past activity on this site and smile with a sort of bittersweet nostalgia. I do miss having no responsibilities and just locking myself in my room all day playing video games and watching anime, after all.

That part of me has already died. I can't really imagine spending endless hours upon hours wasting my time playing games since I had no friends and didn't have anything better to do with all the time. inner geek still longs for the day that Sonny 3 and Mardek 4 are released, though.

-------------------Ye Olde Archives---------------------

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Owner of a ultra-rare, super limited edition armatar! I bet you are so jealous and envious and all those other silly human emotions!

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