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I don't apparently have much of one but since it is common hap in Armor Games I'll post my Club's and what not. Im a Free Rider 2 Junkie and if you have a good map, I'd love to see it and fool with it. If there is a Free Rider 2 club I'm not in alert me instantly. If you want to message me add me with whatever IM you have and we'll go on a FR2 creation spree as I call it. I have plenty of maps but I focus on a few and a couple glitch maps that if you want I'll post. **I'm not here to spam my Bio with your interest in clubs or my beliefs, It's a flash site, if you want to talk politics with me take it to another place such as my Mailbox and I'd be glad** I try to add friends only because they are either nice or helpful, or friendly. Please do not spam my profile with comments from non-friends. Just FR2 tracks and the love. Message me for poems or whatever creativity you need. I'm a composer and if your interested in all music genre works, I am the man. Thanks. J4son is and forever will be my name. 2012 update: This account isn't used half as much if ever because I've basically decided to go entirely with Newgrounds instead due to policy changes/website design. I'm sure there's a Jason who speaks 1337 or someone who likes the UN, so I may give up the UN if prompted. The steamID is and will remain valid.

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