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Right lets get this started.

I write stories because I like writing, just a little bit of me you didn't know.

Also, I meant to mention I have all of the dyslexia, so that is the reason for any and all spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes.

I do love myself some gaming, among my favorite titles include;
Professor Layton
Phoenix wright
Mega man
Fire emblem
Assassins Creed
Splinter cell
Kingdom Hearts
Starwars battlefront 2.

I like co-op more than pvp. Board games are always good.

Can't resist a cup of tea.

Strategy, stealth, action, tactics are my kinda games.

These are the RPG/RP/Forum games I have participated in:
Go Big and Go Home
Sword art online
World of ages
Mobile armored weapon
Elemental adventure
Eons of the stars
Elemental mages: daemon rising
I can't dance but I can...
World war 4
Into the mainframe
The magic 7
chronicles of katlega act 1 signup
Otherworld inc
Revenge against the gods
the forumnauts and the keymettic
arena trial ii

Advanced war
Armor Games casino
Sword and ship
Card frontier
The Colosseum
Highway to hell
Try to survive apocalypse
Kingdom scars
Nights in Chicago
How Gantic are you?
Brave souls RPG
The Alphabet game
Bad with colours
The Day: A survival RPG
Rate the above users number of posts
Operation Overlord: Alien invasion RPG
Arena Simulator
The infinite subchambers of the Ganticombs R.I.P.
The earth conquest. R.I.P.
The ^ < v game
My hill
Bad with poddlecrames
The forumnauts: The experimental fourn game for nefarious porpoises
Enter Command Script
The death game R.I.P.
What is the above user known for?
Don't type with your hands game
After the storm: New beginnings
Bad with dames
PRP discussion: JACKinbigletters
Bad with fame
Count to 100 discussion thread
The game for super intelligent people R.I.P.
Elemental mages: The journey RPG R.I.P.
Powercore RPG R.I.P.
Starship management (Strategical RPG) R.I.P.
The undying R.I.P.
Command control RPG R.I.P.
The kingdom of Cristallopia R.I.P.
Humanities last stand RPG R.I.P.
Perfect world: Virtual RPG R.I.P.
Armorgames ultimate fighting R.I.P.
Create your own RPG: The RPG R.I.P.
Fallout RP OOC R.I.P.
Random towers of space and time RPG R.I.P.
Yggdrasil II: A cut the tree game R.I.P.
Fallout RP IC R.I.P.
The arena
Predict the number if posts
OBJECTION! Chaos edition R.I.P.
The asylums R.I.P.
GRUPS: Hellenistic era R.I.P.
Valley Sherwood R.I.P.
The arena of fate R.I.P.
The food game R.I.P.
The above users avatar appears out of nowhere in your bedroom while you sleep, what do you do?
Ultimate rock-paper-scissors R.I.P.
Hypersuits mech-RPG
Strike force combat R.I.P.
The new dawn civilization simulator R.I.P.
Objection! R.I.P.
The celebrity game R.I.P.
The warped modern age of war R.I.P
Count to 100
Shattered armor
The land of the ancients R.I.P.
Sword of the stars R.I.P.
Empty graves R.I.P.
You're banned
The City-states of the aftermath. R.I.P.
The Broken Vending Machine R.I.P.
The Armorgames trap room (competition) R.I.P.
Gears of Balance (Techno-Steampunk RPG) R.I.P.
Day Is Done (apocalypse RPG) R.I.P.
Life Of an Escaped Clone (''Deathmatch'' RPG)
Make The Kill R.I.P.
Officer, it is not what it looks like... R.I.P.
The first Man in Rome (RPG, open world) R.I.P.
Life (RPG) R.I.P.
The Orkish Menace (Warhammer 40k RPG) R.I.P.
Notoriety Criminal RPG R.I.P.
And that's what I can remember

Want to make links like these?

You want to be on my friends list? Sure come on in, just message me and I'll add ya.

I won a thing.

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