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I'm from the great Emerald Isle, and i ventured long and far to finally reach here,(Armor Games) It is a wonderous place with lots to do and people to talk to, I truly think that this place is a home from home to me. There is amazing games to play and achievements to earn, and nice people to tell of your everyday thoughts and ideas and they will listen attentively and take every sllyable to heart, sadly they'll more than likly reply stating the overused phrase, " LOL ". Although you know, you feel, they could right a story on their thoughts,their dreams,their plans,their loves. I have changed massively in my time here at Armor Games, I've grown not just in height, but in IQ, The people on this website are some of the most opinionated and knowlodgeable people on this beautiful and everchanging World, This is Me, JCCOOL.

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