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  • AIM: sexyboyxx6
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  • PSN: no
  • SteamID: Choo, Choo


Strait C's in school
Love guitar hero/rockband
GKC: 12

And Oyger6 is the best drummer in the world

..._...|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|]
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"


Best Map EVER!

8 19 a 1g t 1i,2m 2a 38 20,2f 4a 2p 4k 3d 4k,6m 62 72 5e,5v b4 65 bd 6n bd,8n bp 97 bc,cp ir cf j9 c3 j3,7f er 7t f3 83 f1,7e g9 7l gm 81 gm,89 ji 8r jm,87 jg 87 j9,ah m4 as m6 b4 m2,bh qi c7 qo cc qg,cq ti dd tj dj tg,f6 vr fk vt fq vj,dv 12p e9 135 ek 133,fs 15e g8 15j gi 159,e6 17e ed 179,e6 17d dt 177,hg 1b6 hm 1bb i2 1b7,fv 1dg ga 1ds gr 1di,h7 1gm hd 1gv i0 1gn,fc 1jk fv 1k0 gb 1jp,g6 1n0 gg 1n8 gu 1n7,hn 1p0 i3 1p3 ia 1ou,ih 1t6 j0 1td je 1t8,ld 1vr lg 202 kt 20i,g4 239 gk 23h h9 237,df 24p e0 24r e6 24k,f1 24a fe 241,cp 27r d3 27p d8 279,b3 2c5 bf 2ch bp 2cd,a6 2de am 2dm,89 2he 8n 2hn 90 2hm,70 2jf 6f 2je 6a 2j6,7m 2m5 86 2m3 8e 2lm,6m 2n7 74 2n6 77 2mm,5o 2o4 65 2o1 67 2nk,3p 2qg 47 2qh 4a 2q1,4j 2pe 4s 2pb 50 2ov,1p 2st 27 2t4 2j 2st,c 311 o 31d 18 313,-1c 34r -11 35b -q 352,-3a 366 -2r 36c -2g 361,-5u 3a2 -5c 3a2,-5s 3a2 -61 39o,-4i 3a9 -48 3ac,-47 3eq -3t 3f1 -3k 3ev,-43 3ja -3q 3jg,-3p 3jg -3d 3jb,-7g 3mn -74 3mn -6v 3m9,-al 3qd -ab 3qt -9s 3qn,-6j 3u7 -68 3ub -5u 3ts,-56 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80o,-144 80t -13v 7u8 -128 80j,-144 7vg -12n 7vq,-115 7tp -110 804 -uv 7vv,-r7 7u3 -td 7u3,-td 7ud -td 80o,-t8 7vg -rm 7vg,-qe 7tu -qe 80e -p1 80e -os 7tu,-np 804 -np 7u8 -n0 804 -mm 7t5,-kl 7u3 -lj 7u3 -lj 7vq -kq 7vv,-ji 7tp -js 804,-kg 7tk -j3 7u3,-i5 7v6 -if 80j,-i5 7t5 -hr 7tp,-i0 7tp -i5 7tf,-hr 7ta -h2 7tu -ia 7tk,-ia 7t5 -hh 7ta,-gt 80e -gt 7un -fb 7us -fb 80e,-fg 80j -gj 80e,-e8 80t -e8 7us -da 80t,-df 809 -cr 7u8,-14e 80t -14e 83d,-14j 862 -14j 85j,-149 85j -13l 85e,-13v 85j -13v 859,-13v 84v -14e 85e -136 85e -14j 86c,-14o 84q -13q 85j -14o 85o -136 859,-t8 80o -u1 85e,-ub 87u -ub 86r,-u6 86m -ul 88n,-v4 88n -uv 88s -uv 87p,-uv 87k -ts 87f -ul 88n,-ug 867 -u6 870,-ub 87p -ug 883,-oi 817 -oi 84v,-p6 883 -p1 87k,-on 87f -p1 88n,-pb 88d -oi 875,-od 86r -pg 88d,-pv 88d -p6 875 -p6 88i,-p1 88d -os 87f,-on 87f -p1 888,-l4 820 -l4 85t,-le 896 -kv 87p -le 896,-lo 883 -kl 87a -l4 88d,-l9 88d -kl 87a,-kg 87a -mm 88n -kv 875 -l4 88i,-lt 88n -l4 888,-hc 81m -hh 862,-hh 891 -h7 88d,-h2 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