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Skip my about, if you dare.

Something from Disney's Frozen, where in order to avoid breaking the model, they had Elsa's hair clip through her arm.

Took an RPG test for first time in a while.http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/6.jpg

Today I decided to remove most of the copy/paste crap from my about, and make it something actually about me.

Currently living in a area halfway across the country from where I was, from the pacific northwest to a desert.

Being proficient at mastering the subjects taught in schools, I am currently enrolling in multiple duel credit and AP courses for my Junior year in high school.

Tending to veer away from society, I developed a keen interest in video games and movies, being a major fan of the show Dr. Who and playing Starcraft for hours on end.

To be continued . . .

Below is a section of a post made by pangtongshu that describes the AG family, this is written from his point of view, so when it says "myself" it means pang.

our community, it is like a family. We talk about issues going on after getting back from school and work (support, news)..we spend family time together in the living room (popular media, video games), we goof off in the backyard (Forum Games), Argue during dinner (WEPR), read each others' diaries (AMW), and then just have our general randomness (Tavern).

And just look around...you can't deny that we really are a family.
-We have a uncle who is already ready to help, and always with a smile on his face (ModDayCee)
-A grandpa who doesn't understand why the younglings find certain things funny (Patrick)
-A fitness-obsessed cousin/brother (GOM)
-A Yankee lovin' brother who will cheer as loud as he can when something good happens with the Yanks, and has his room decked out in their gear (pick)
-A twitchy cousin who talks to himself in the corner (AceofSky)
-An uncle who, even when he doesn't do much, you still think is oh so cool (Ernie)
-A pet buny (jeol)
-The lil brother who seems to be goin through a "phase"..in this instance it is speaking 3rd person (killersup)
-A pet Ferret you talk to for comfort when you need help (Ferret)
-The lil brother that just found out about star wars and dresses up and acts like the characters all the time (Darth Ca...er...Jacen)
-The lil ones who we love for how they can act, despite how we'd be annoyed if it was someone else acting so (R2D2 and Manly)
-A grandpa and 2 uncles that always seem to be prepared for a debate at any time..and are unbeatable (Mage, nich, & Kasic)
-The twins...who are both very similar but at the same time very different (Sal and pang)

90% of teens would cry if Justin Bieber was about to jump off the Empire State building. If you're the 10% that would grab a chair and popcorn and yell "Jump, idiot, jump!"
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________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****7888888 on your
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______________d8888888888 Dragon
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__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!

Raze 3: T-14 three star guide


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