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  • Gender: Male
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I live in mississippi,  i like the ole miss rebels ... my favorite NFL team is the stealers  my favorite base ball team is  the  atlanta braves   im a christan
and  i go hunting and fishing every chance i get

18 1i 92 1i 92 -3o,42 1i 92 1d,4d 1h 93 17,4e 1h 92 12,4e 1g 92 q,4i 1g 91 j,4n 1h 91 8,57 1h 92 1,5i 1g 92 -8,5r 1h 91 -h,67 1i 91 -v,6i 1i 91 -1c,6v 1i 91 -1p,7b 1i 91 -27,7k 1h 92 -30,7v 1i 92 -3c,8b 1i 92 -3p,8k 1h 92 -3m,8r 1i 92 -3a,-68 1i -d4 1i -f0 -k,-9q 1i -da 1c,-a5 1i -dd 16 -ai 1g,-ad 1i -dj v,-af 1h -ds l,-ac 1h -e4 b,-am 1g -ap 1g -e9 5,-b0 1g -b5 1f -ej -6 -b7 1h -eq -f,-bj 1h -f0 -l,-c1 1j -f0 -l,-ci 1h -eu -j,-ct 1h -es -h,-cc 1h -ef -8,-br 1i -dp 6,-pk -k -pk -7q -pk 7g -fu 7g -76 7g,-pk -7q 4m -7q,-pk -7q -jc -7q,-pl -l -pb -7q,-pk -l -p2 -7q,-pk -o -op -7r,-pj -1g -oe -7p,-pj -1u -o5 -7p,-pl -2e -np -7p,-pj -34 -n9 -7q,-pj -3q -mp -7q,-pj -4h -mc -7q,-pk -51 -lp -7q,-pj -5f -l5 -7q,-pk -5u -kc -7r,-pi -6b -ju -7p,-pk -6n -jm -7r,-pk -75 -je -7q,-pk -7h -jg -7o,-fu 7f -pj 75,-g0 7e -pk 6p,-ga 7d -pj 6f,-gl 7d -pk 60,-h3 7h -pk 5f,-i2 7g -pj 52,-j0 7e -pk 4k,-js 7h -pj 3s,-kt 7g -pj 2v,-ll 7g -pk 2b,-m9 7g -pj 1d,-ml 7e -pk l,-na 7e -pk 9,-nt 7h -pj -7,-oi 7g -pk 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2q,B -pj -1dk 2g,B -pl -1e8 2d,B -pt -1av 2n,B -pj -1bm 2q,B -pl -1a1 2f,B -pq -17m 2k,B -pt -16h 25,B -po -15t 2j,B -pj -14l 2q,B -pl -133 31,B -q9 -10g 2p,B -p4 -vd 34,B -pv -11r 36,B -o6 -14d 3f,B -ov -18f 37,B -og -1cp 3f,B -os -1fv 3p,B a1 -11c 2q,B 9f -119 2l,B 6g -11h 2p,B 6q -119 2q,B 3u -117 2k,B 4f -11e 31,B 1v -11e 2q,B -r -119 2m,B 6 -11h 2k,B -2p -11c 2n,B v -rq 8l,B 43 -s2 8g,B -c -t7 44,B 5q -t0 8c,B 4f -sm 8g,B 58 -s7 8g,B 5i -s2 8f,B 48 -tr 83,B 58 -ud 87,B 6t -us 8e,B 6e -vg 89,B 4k -v6 8j,B 4p -vb 8g,B 72 -vd 8f,B -c -v8 2t,B 1e -us 7r,B 85 -10g 8a,B 6o -vs 8e,B 8k -tm 8k,B 48 -tp 2r,B 6v -sc 8o,B 9a -rv 8o,B 32 -st 92,B 30 -tk 8n,B 3m -t7 9b,B -3q -uf 8p,B -6c -v3 38,B -2i -u5 8s,B -15 -tk 93,B -15 -tp 5k,B 61 -sj 8p,B 2e -st 2v,B 1j -ta 3i,B -2 -tr 3c,B 2j -tp 8g,B 5q -tk 8h,B 66 -tp 7o,B 7j -uf 8a,B 9a -v6 8h,B 8r -v8 8f,B 8m -ua 8i,B 7m -tm 8d,B 85 -t7 8g,B 85 -tk 89,B a8 -u5 86,B 9d -up 71,B bb -ui 8i,B bb -tm 8p,B a3 -t5 8s,B 8c -sm 9c,B 6l -se 9n,B -t -v3 b0,B 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2q,B 9m -17h 3c,B 8j -15n 3a,B 8t -17o 3n,B 84 -16o 36,B 7j -15q 38,B 6q -14k 2q,B 71 -13u 2l,B 4r -13p 31,B 1g -13m 2j,B a -14f 28,B -2 -15d 15,B -1f -16b 2b,B 26 -17e 3d,B -5u -193 4g,B -65 -1bj 3m,B -44 -1d5 4j,B -5c -1cm 3s,B -6d -16e 2b,B -7d -190 38,B -6i -17h 31,B -78 -1ad 3a,B -7i -1d5 3d,B -a7 -1ai 36,B -8q -1aq 36,B -a7 -1co 3f,B -b8 -185 2n,B -bk -19k 34,B -bf -1a1 2g,B -ar -1aq 2l,B -8o -18h 1n,B -78 -14p 18,B -76 -166 17,B -86 -16t 1c,B -8e -15s 11,B -6p -15i j,B -7l -14u 11,B -92 -14i 1a,B -9m -166 1d,B -9j -164 1t,B -9c -14u 24,B -bk -148 28,B -ap -15g 2q,B -ee -13f 23,B -dl -14n 23,B -de -169 22,B -c3 -17c 1l,B -d6 -18a 1l,B -9t -12m 12,B -ar -10b 1d,B -af -12e 1h,B -d9 -108 1l,B -c6 -106 1a,B -bk -106 v,B -cn -ur o,B -c3 -so a,B -au -tr 10,B -b8 -ua 1j,B -c6 -u7 3n,B -ba -rv 7,B -cq -rg 14,B -a2 -p5 7,B -ar -pc o,B -b0 -pu c,B -c1 -pr m,B -c8 -qk n,B -d6 -qp 15,B -cq -st q,B -de -ur 11,B -9r -140 q,B -c8 -12r 12,B -dg -11b r,B -dt -10i q,B -9c -vp 3,B -6i -13u c,B -8v 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