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Let's get my advertising out the way first:



I live in Basingstoke, England

My Bday is on the 18th of August

(what a boring biography)


i used to have a v4.0 account but no "armor games" acount. now that is fine but...
wen the updated colony to v6.0 i needed an email and an "armor games" acount.
So-i lost my rank (the highest possible on colony)
-i lost all my data
now ive only just joined "armor games" ive started playing colony again.& quite frankly ive lost appeal in it. all that ranking up work....wasted

p.s.i used to be---on colony---called 'ajkman'

If anyone wants to, you may email me at:

please leave at the end of each email your username on Armor Games.
Please though, no rude and unapropriate emails.

For funny videos please visit:

Before anyone asks...NO

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