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  • AIM: To be a Marine-biologist and to get more cats XD
  • MSN: Yes i have. if you really want it just ask =P
  • Wii: ,Wii, Wii All the way home
  • PSN: Its Broken (i broke it)


My guardian angle.... of death ^^

Addicted to WoW (World of Warcraft)
Find me here ^^


Three haiku's dedicated to Jaz the welsh kitten

You ball of fluff,
sharp noises sung as you cry,
climb, up, down, round, round.


Three white socks, hung low,
fourth stretched high, bushed of tail,
eyes ivy green, shine wide.


Crazed mind, legs that kick,
you source me mice and birds too
my vivacious puss.

R.I.P Jazmine, forever a kitten in our eyes.

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