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  • AIM: To be a Marine-biologist and to get more cats XD
  • MSN: Yes i have. if you really want it just ask =P
  • Wii: ,Wii, Wii All the way home
  • PSN: Its Broken (i broke it)


<font color="#A928BF">My guardian angle.... of death ^^ <a href="http://www.glitter-graphics.com"><img src="http://dl3.glitter-graphics.net/pub/674/674953ulnnugdq1c.gif" width=170 height=138 border=0></a><br> Addicted to WoW (World of Warcraft) Find me <a href="http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/magtheridon/Blazeflower/simple"><b>here</b></a> ^^</font> ______________________________________ <b>Three haiku's dedicated to Jaz the welsh kitten</b> <font color="#F54D4D">You ball of fluff, sharp noises sung as you cry, climb, up, down, round, round.</font> _____________________________ <font color="green">Three white socks, hung low, fourth stretched high, bushed of tail, eyes ivy green, shine wide.</font> _____________________________ <font color="#F67BF2">Crazed mind, legs that kick, you source me mice and birds too my vivacious puss.</font> <b> R.I.P Jazmine, forever a kitten in our eyes.</b>

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