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CoOL / and loves the sport basketball beouse of the filling you get with the winning shot. and becouse im 6foot 2 NO LIE

dane cook is my favorite comedian

i like system of a down, linkin park, and many others. good a swimming running and having fun

favorite saying: he who fights for man is strong, but he who fights for man kind is stronger.a nother funny saying is:you dont need to brush every tooth just the one you want to keep.

i made my own free rider 2 game copy and paste it just not touch and bottons after i loads:
1h 1a v 1s 5 25,2 4v -i 45 -f 3a,-2g 76 -1q 7d -13 7e -f 73 -1 6i,-5k 8k -4f 8m -4a 85,-7j a8 -7j ap -6d as,4d b9 4h c0 5d bu,7q cc 7r d0 72 d1,5f dq 5g ej 69 ej,8e n3 8l mf 92 ls 9j lc a4 l0 a4 lk 9p m6,6n lk 7v ls,6c m3 67 mn 5q ne 58 o5 4l ot 41 pi,36 p5 30 pm 37 qa,1a tp 1s td 28 sq 2j s4,7e 14l 74 13p 6r 12s 6f 11q 61 10m 5k vo 56 ut,7c 14l 75 155 6j 150,q 1eh 1o 1ec 2c 1dh,-2p 1f1 -20 1f9 -1b 1fp -v 1gf,-q 1gn -i 1hb -6 1i5 5 1iv m 1jq 17 1ki 1q 1lc 2c 1m3 2q 1ml,2u 1mv 45 1n2,4b 1nu 5s 1o5,6h 1pi 7t 1pf,bn 1qd b2 1q7,b1 1q7 a8 1q2,a8 1q1 a3 1pn,fb 1t6 gg 1t6,jg 1tb j1 1u7,fa 236 fp 23l gf 23n,hq 25c hg 23q gs 23q,hq 25c ie 25c,m6 27s lh 27g l4 26s l6 266,jc 2dg jr 2d0 kg 2cm l6 2d0 ll 2dh,n4 2e4 n4 2f2 m6 2fc,ka 2i6 l3 2ii m3 2j3 n1 2jk o0 2kb p1 2l9 q0 2m6 r0 2n5 s1 2o7,rq 2o4 s5 2no,v8 2qa ua 2r8,pa 2sg q9 2sl r1 2ss ro 2t5,tc 2vk t2 308 so 308,hg 2fm hq 2hi,gs 2je hu 2jm j2 2k4 jv 2kl kr 2ll lp 2mu mj 2o3 nc 2p7,ne 2o4 n6 2ni,n4 2nq ng 2oc nt 2ot o8 2ph o7 2q5 nn 2qj n1 2qg,hq 2rs hq 2sg ie 2sg,jc 31g k4 31q ks 329 ll 32q mg 33g n3 345 no 34t oc 35m ov 36c pj 371 q4 37j qk 383,pu 374 pk 36g,qi 382 qv 38e rh 38j,ua 39u ua 3ai tc 3as,no 3e0 od 3eb p1 3el oq 3fp nv 3gl,p0 3f8 ph 3fu q3 3gj qi 3hd r4 3id rq 3jh sf 3kl t9 3m0 u0 3nc uj 3oi v8 3pp vo 3qp 108 3ro,106 3ro 10s 3sk 11j 3ti 12h 3uo 13e 3vv 149 416 14v 426 15n 438 16a 444 16s 44u,17c 45m 17q 46a,17m 454 17d 45k,15g 48s 156 496 156 49q,15g 49q 164 49q,172 4b2 17g 4an 17o 4a4 17i 49h,12m 4e6 122 4fo 15q 4h0 18k 4ii 1a6 4ko,1m2 50u 1le 518,1js 500 1kh 4vt 1l3 4vq,1k6 4ss 1k6 4s8,1k6 4ss 1jn 4se,1rm 57g 1rm 56s,1rm 57g 1sa 57g,21a 5fa 21k 5em,21a 5fa 20m 5fa,1ji 5vs 1k4 602,1g4 5vi 1fn 600 1fk 60m 1g8 61a 1h2 61r 1i3 62c 1j5 62r 1k5 637 1ld 63n 1md 643 1nb 64f,1t8 5io 1t8 5hq,1t8 5io 1sr 5j5 1s7 5j5 1rp 5iq,1f6 5r6 1fj 5qs,1f6 5r6 1f3 5rn 1fm 5ru 1g6 5ru,1n0 648 1ng 64v 1o7 65s 1ou 66j 1pt 67a 1qu 67t,1s0 6a6 1sb 6b0 1so 6bu 1ta 6cs 1tt 6dn 1up 6eg 1vi 6f5 20b 6fn 215 6g4 223 6gh 232 6gp 23v 6gu 24r 6gv 25m 6gr 26g 6gg 277 6g0 27r 6fd 28f 6ej 28u 6dp 29c 6cs 29o 6bu 2a2 6b1 2aa 6a8,1ug 6e8 1ts 6ag 20m 6g4,210 6fq 210 6c2 236 6h2,23q 6go 25m 6be 26k 6ge,24e 6ei 22i 68u 22i 6es,28q 6du 26u 6ag 278 6g4,1u6 68u 1su 680,1v4 68k 1t8 67c,1a5 4km 1gd 4tq,1ea 4qo 1ea 4q2,1c1 4ne 1e8 4oh 1ht 4rm 1jm 4su,1nv 5k2 1on 5ka,1oo 5k9 1os 5k2,1n9 5nd 1n2 5nq 1mn 5nj,1lu 5qt 1li 5rf 1l5 5rf 1km 5r0#1ug 6kg 1u6 6kg,1ve 6j8 1v4 6j8 1vo 6j8,1v4 6kq 1vo 6kq,236 6mc 23g 6mc 23g 6le,21u 6i0 236 6i0 22s 6iu,22i 6i0 22i 6iu,236 6ik 23g 6ik 236 6j8,236 6ik 22s 6ik,23q 6ik 24e 6ik 24e 6ia 23q 6ia 23q 6j8 24e 6j8,252 6i0 252 6iu 25m 6ik,252 6i0 25c 6hm,252 6ia 25c 6ia,25m 6i0 260 6ik,25m 6ia 26a 6i0 26a 6ia,26u 6hm 26k 6i0 26k 6ia 278 6i0 26u 6hc#

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