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Disqus = anti-notification system. Without notifications I can't see when I have any new comments, which results in inactivity. So either bring back the old comment system, or either I wont come back in the next 3 decades. I don't have enough time to study a new fuqing comment system.

I've discovered that I like things when they're at their worst. I liked playing Minecraft when I was a noob, I liked playing Colony when I got completely wrecked by all the players in it. And the same for AG. They were literally THE BEST when when they were the worst. When it only had 20 active members on the forums, when R2D2 and TheMostManlyMan were still newbies on Armor Games. THOSE were the times when I liked Armor Games. Now when they seem to be having a good role again, I've completely lost my interest in AG.

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Hey! Did you notice ur page aint working right? Look below!


Lol, im spamming here, whachu gonna do bout it

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