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Hello there! My real name is Alexei and prefer to be addressed as such or JellyBear. I'm 15 years old and a sophomore in High School. A few things I enjoy doing is listening to music, drawing, running, roleplaying, and painting.

I also love to read and write. I am currently reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. Other authors that I like are Emily Brontë, Charles Dickens, Stephenie Meyer, S.E. Hinton, and Margaret Mitchell.
I've kept a tab of the total of books I've read this year. This amount is 109. I also kept a list of all the books I read, so if you're interested in seeing this, just let me know. (:

I also enjoy watching anime. Some animes that I like are Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

Some random stuff about me is that I have been a vegan since August and was a vegetarian six months prior.
I'm gay and single.
I am 5'8" and weight about 120 pounds. I have black hair and pale skin. If you would like to see what I look like, here is a picture. I might eventually add miscellaneous artwork that I have.
I love to write. Right now I am working on a fantasy novel, which has not yet been named. So far, I have worked on twelve chapters.
I like lollypops. The large rainbow ones are my favorite. xD
My favorite colors are pink, gray, and forest green.

I think I included a little bit about me. If you have any more questions, you can just ask me. Have a great day! (:

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