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Hay thur, I'm Jen, and my fav colour is blue. I'm frequently misunderstood and underestimated. I'ma softballer. I hardly make sense, even to myself, and my train of thought is pretty much f'ed. Mimzy is my biffle. lessthan3. I apply way too much chapstick on a daily basis. I keep my expectations low, and I'm easily entertained. I laugh a lot, I think a lot, I worry a lot, and I regret a lot. I stumble, I stutter. I'm often rather laid-back and reserved, but a bit of a spaz and a little crazy all the same. I like Pokémon. Harry Potter too. Oh and music. Oh... and you. Yeah, you. I'd rather daydream than face reality. OK Go and The Academy Is... are my favourite bands. I take an interest in many different things, and I prefer to not drink soda. I have a low self-esteem, I'm always second-guessing myself, and I always feel stupid. I kinda contradict myself sometimes. I'm easy to talk to, and easy to get along with. I'm nothing special, pinky promise.

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