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Well... My name is Jesse Owen Long i am 12 years old. I was born in September, 7, 1999 (9/7/1999) The place i was born at is witchita falls, Texas. I have 1 brother and 1 sister i am the oldest :) so i get respect sort of l: Well my sister is 10 years old and was born in Texas witchita falls also. A then we moved to M.A (I don't know how to spell it  XD.) Then 3 years later my baby brother was born.  don't like talking about my parents because my mom wants a divorse so yah -_-. My mom is with me my dad is over seas now. He was in the milatary until he deserted. Oh i didn't tell you why my mom didn't want the divorse.
She wanted it because ... my dad was datng while he was away! So ya i have to give respect to my mom. Well after that we moved to Ohio idk why. We moved in her friends house. We never met him in person either. She only knew him over Yahoo mail -_- 5 years. I still didn't trust him and i was right! He had illeagel drugs. When everyone was sleeping i went in to his room. I smelled and saw drugs! I told my mom she called the cops then we left. We didn't know where to go either. So we looked on a map and noticed a YWCA.  We drove over there in the middle of the night to. When we got there it was 12:02 am. I was almost asleep but i couldn't. We were there when it was 12:05 am ... lol. We went in and we told them about us. My mom signed sheets so we could live there for a month or so. We moved to another place in a month. It was called the ghetto lol. We were allowed to have free food and we stood there for 3 months. By then my mom had a job and had enough to buy a house. It was a nice little house. And i am still currently living in it. Well that's all about my family really.
Oh ya update i made a hotmail account.
it is [email protected]!!!!

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