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here is a new map of mine dedicated to my bro, coolmaniscool. I'm leaving armorgames because it is still in the process of forming... there are some bugs... *comment system... cough* and there are some things i just dont like... I'm leaving to another website that is also in development, but it is waaa@aay better. If you'd like to visit, or if you wish 2 be converted, please, please follow this link: and for all you fellow free rider 2 fans:
... I will miss you all please visit at kongregate...

and here is my map:
15 2a 2f 2a 42 41 4h 49 52 4b 5h 46,6g 8l 6i 8r 6l 90 6r 94 74 94 7a 91 7f 8s,il 9k jc 5g jk 4g,jk 4h k0 3k ki 2k l6 1q lt 14 mp g np -4 p2 -j q1 -p r0 -u s6 -v tn -14 ur -1g vo -25 10d -32 10p -41 10u -55 10u -64,83 3g 7r 34,1h -8 1u -8 2i -5 37 4 3m c,3n d 3v o 4e p 4r v,4s v 55 1h 5m 1s,5n 1q 62 1m 6k 1l 76 1s 8a 2n 81 2o 8e 2v 7r 33,82 3g 8m 3r 8j 57 81 5k,-6 -14 -1p -1f -2q -g -2b g -3g q -23 1e,u 2b 1f 2c,5i 48 52 5t 3v 7a 49 99 5t ar 85 b5 ar af,8n 4l 9g 5a ah 4b,ah 49 cd 3q,fk 3l go 3i,gq 3i hj 2k,hh 2n if r l6 -1i or -5q oh -4t pr -5t po -4n,pp -4n qn -60 rk -5g rd -69 sb -67,sd -67 r8 -6p,ra -6p t6 -78,lo -23 nv -3d qk -46,qk -48 sq -4j uo -49 107 -49 10p -46,aq ah e6 af d0 at e9 b0 c8 c3,ca c3 du c3 ca d8,cc d8 d5 dj,d3 dj br ee d5 eq dq ej d1 fk,k7 bk ha f0 iu ft g0 i6 h8 id ge is h8 j2,d0 fj bk hl,bm hl d1 i4 c8 it,cc gh cs gp,cr gp c5 h0,h8 j1 f9 lu hs mb,hs md fb mf hs no,c5 is cc jo 9s m0 6f s6 cb mf 70 tt bu nv,bu o2 8j v8 ah tl a9 v2,ik 9j i2 9o k7 bl,hq np k1 r2 fa td,fv t8 ls us,lq us ks 13e e2 15j do 126 cr 126,dk 16u gi 162 er 197 ic 167 ie 17s,ie 17k kq 15m l3 18t,ad v4 2g 13s,2h 13s 76 138 5f 14c,dm 16t cb 1a9 cc 1g2,c9 1du bs 1d5 bq 1cc c2 1bq ch 1be,cc 1es bq 1fg bo 1g7 c2 1gq c9 1h9,6v 21p 9k 23a b3 23u df 24d 11o 24l,a0 4r am 4r bt 4e c5 3q,fc 3m h6 3s gt 3e,-23 1f 12 2b,-5 -12 5 -o -5 -o -9 -h,-e -d -k -2,-1a 1n -1c 12 -14 l -p j -j j -n b -l -2,-m -4 -h -3,-m f -j 5 -c -a,1i -7 n -j g -a r 1 1e -7,-t k -16 u -18 14,-18 15 -17 1k,60 1o9 7s 1qa 8m 1qu 9u 1rd b0 1rf,b1 1rf d1 1rf dm 1rb ea 1r5 fc 1r5 gs 1rk ig 1t6,ih 1t6 k7 1um lb 1v8 mt 1vc o2 1v7 p5 1ur,p7 1ur ql 1uo so 1vh uh 211,uf 20v 106 22h 12r 248 14b 24m 1jv 24v,ai 8n bq 80 cl 7m,cj 7k dt 72 em 73,c6 3n cj 46,fj 3k c5 3r,ck 47 cg 3r,br 82 ch 6q cc 7t,d2 7a d3 6t d7 7c,d2 75 d2 7k,ef 71 el 6d el 72,fr 3o fm 42 g0 3q,gn 3q gn 47 gr 3s#cq 126 dj 16r,-1b 12 -11 1i -h 1l -6 1d,-6 1b -2 18 6 19 d 1l p 1l 13 1j,13 1i 17 15,19 13 14 k m e f 0 7 -3 7 -a f -g,g -g g -m 2 -p#S dq l8,S 9f 82,G bo 5b qi,G rb -2g s4,G 83 9u pa,B 10a -3j hq,B vq -3q im,B 100 -30 hu,G io 8n e2
it is in progress, it is a mountain bike auto. If you want you can continue it and post what you have on my profile...

enjoy and peace out, homepeeps!

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