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Hello I am JsaKim. My Real name is Jin Su Kim.

If you wish to know me personally Please send me an Email.

My Nationality is South Korean but i am Currently living in Chch, New Zealand,.
I am really tired with these aftershocks and earthquakes.

I moved to New Zealand when I was 3, therefore, I am more comfortable with english than korean.

I am Catholic attending church every week.
I uphold the idea of praying and believing in god, Jesus Christ and Mary.
I do not care if you tease me about my religion. I am who I am

Join WICKED! ( World In Castrophe Killzone Experiment Department )
Go to Masterforgers Account to join

Here is the Website for W.I.C.K.E.D - WICKED HQ

Current Rankings Of W.I.C.K.E.D:
First General - W MasterForger
Second General - I Murasaki9
Third General - C JsaKim
Head of R&D - K PlasmaMan
Head of Villainy - E glaceonex23
Jayjay9 - D Jayjay9
1. ArceusZekrom899
3. Koru7
4. Botx1x
5. jayjay9
7. glaceonex23
These slots are for those who don't have a place of leadership, but still have a say in everything. The people who go here can choose either R&D, if you like reading, writing, and quiet work, or Villainy, if you like action, friendly arguments and putting yourself to the test.

Murasaki Awards:

Blue Bird - Someone who is a friend to everyone, striving to like and be liked.
White Wonder - Awarded to certain personages of rank.
Green Gardiner - Someone who posts to any thread for the better, contributes meaningful, constructive feedback.
Purple Power - Awarded to someone who has shown sensitive understanding towards anyone.

My Youtube Account:

[email protected]

Please only contact my email if you wish to know me in person.

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